Teen Acupuncture Treatment

Teen Acupuncture TreatmentAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we approach teens’ health and well-being from a holistic perspective, with the understanding that physical and mental health are one and the same. Therefore, in designing and implementing our teen treatment plans, we aim to support all aspects of teens’ wellness, including their mental, emotional, physical, and relational health. With this in mind, we’re especially fond of approaches and/or practices which address and support this kind of holistic wellness and/or which address teens’ mental, physical, and emotional wellness, all at once. To this end, we offer Teen Acupuncture Treatment, which has an array of benefits for teens.

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that continues to be used as an integral part of mainstream modern medicine in hospitals and treatment centers. More recently, acupuncture has begun to be incorporated into treatment in the United States as well, including in hospitals, doctors offices, and other health centers. Because acupuncture directly targets the nervous system and all of its corresponding functions, it can be used in treating a wide number of teen mental health and substance abuse conditions. Specifically, acupuncture has been shown to be very effective in addressing symptoms related to chronic stress, which is connected to virtually all of the conditions which we treat here at Paradigm Treatment Centers. Following Teen Acupuncture Treatment, teens report feeling an increased sense of calm, slower thoughts, decreased anxiety, improved mood, improved sleep, and improved ability to engage deeply in their therapy sessions.

Teen Acupuncture Treatment works by stimulating points of the body in particular combinations, in order to create optimal flow of energy through the meridians of the body. This energy (which has energetic qualities as well as physical qualities, such as blood and lymph) is known as “Qi” in Chinese medicine, and is viewed as the primary factor of wellness and accordingly, an imbalance of Qi leads to ailments and un-wellness. Therefore, acupuncture addresses rebalancing the Chi, in order to achieve optimal health. It’s worth noting that from this perspective, Qi includes all aspects of mental, physical, and emotional health and as such, acupuncture addresses the full spectrum of symptoms that teens experience.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, one of the cornerstones of our treatment philosophy is that it is our responsibility to motivate teens to engage in treatment, and also to provide them with the support they need in order to do so. Many of the programs and resources we offer contribute toward this end goal. We’ve found that Teen Acupuncture not only results in teens experiencing improved symptoms and feelings of well-being, but also benefits teens mentally and emotionally, in ways that better allow them to process during therapy.   Lastly, Teen Acupuncture is also an effective resource for teens to use in order to reduce stress and feel better, especially when learning new sober, healthy ways to cope with stress and challenges in their lives.