4 Stress Management Activities for Back to School Anxiety in Teens

Teen Having Anxiety After Going Back to School - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Managing school stress and extracurricular activities is never easy – but it’s even more difficult after winter break. If your teen is feeling overwhelmed, practice these four stress management activities to alleviate the back to school burden. Your teen is probably getting back into the school routine after the winter break, but you may have […]

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Community Spotlight: Megan Stokes, NATSAP Executive Director

Community Spotlight: Megan Stokes - Paradigm Treatment Centers

  Shining a Spotlight on Mental Health Leaders Megan Stokes is not a clinician or a mental health practitioner. She is not a researcher nor is she an academic specializing in the field of psychology. In fact, her professional background lies in government relations, specifically state legislation and working directly with lobbyists. So how did […]

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Evolution of the “Cancel Culture”

Evolution of the "Cancel Culture" - Paradigm Treatment Centers

  As our world becomes more and more interconnected, and as traditional approaches to social control have diminished, younger generations are left to devise new ways of getting along with others. In a culture where it is no longer acceptable to squelch disagreements with physical altercations or hateful words, teens and young adults are actively […]

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Anxiety in Teens Is Directly Linked to Screen Time

Anxiety in Teens Is Directly Linked to Screen Time - PTC

Teenagers who are suffering from anxiety might experience restlessness, excessive worries and fears, and a tendency toward wariness. Anxiety in teens also causes physical symptoms like cramps, headaches, muscle tension, and excessive sweating, among other things. Anxiety can be very uncomfortable, and it can make your teen’s life much more difficult than it has to […]

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Paradigm Launches Therapeutic Goat Yoga Program

Therapeutic Goat Yoga Program - Paradigm Treatment Centers

  Paradigm Treatment Centers is thrilled to announce the expansion of its already robust therapeutic program to include goat yoga, an innovative mindful practice that is already positively impacting our clientele after only a few short weeks in action. Services are offered by Scout Raskin’s Party Goats LA, which is one of the most respected […]

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Paradigm’s Annual Holiday Celebration & Awards Ceremony

Paradigm's Annual Holiday Celebration & Awards Ceremony

  Each year during the holiday season, Paradigm Treatment Centers assembles its incredible community of industry colleagues to celebrate our achievements, and to honor the hard work put in by our exemplary team members throughout the year. This year’s Holiday Celebration & Awards Ceremony took place at the beautiful Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood, California […]

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