Twice Exceptional Teen Treatment


At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we’re dedicated to working with young people to identify the unique core needs which are affecting their lives, and to providing individualized care and support to meet these needs. While our process and approach is highly successful with all young people that come here, we find that it’s especially powerful for those teens with complex combination of symptoms, such as those present in Twice Exceptional Teens. To this end, we’ve designed a Twice Exceptional Teen Treatment program, which addresses the unique needs of this adolescent population, who so often gets overlooked or misrepresented, in treatment settings.

The term Twice Exceptional Teens (also sometimes called 2e) refers to young people who are intellectually gifted and also have another mental health or learning difference condition. Part of the reason why proper identification and treatment for these teens can be challenging, and often ineffectively done, is because the conditions teens have vary widely, including things such as dyslexia, anxiety, depression, autism, Asperger, or Teen Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Because of the complex combination of symptoms these teens present, it’s very common for these teens’ outward behaviors and underlying needs to be misunderstood and therefore, ineffectively treated.

It’s common for one of the most challenging areas for Twice Exceptional Teens to be the academic setting. This is because Twice Exceptional Teens’ challenges to get in the way of their brightness, prohibiting them from being able to excel, even despite subject mastery and sincere efforts. For instance, teens with dyslexia may struggle with group work and out-loud assignments, even if they understand the subject matter. Teens suffering from anxiety often struggle to perform on tests, even if they’ve worked hard to prepare, and teens with depression can be misunderstood as lazy or having bad attitudes. The unfortunate result of these kinds of misunderstandings is teens’ real needs go unaddressed, the teens continue to struggle, parents continue to feel frustrated, and the teens’ strong potential goes missed. This is why in instances of Twice Exceptional Teen Treatment, it’s imperative for the diagnostic process to pay careful consideration for these kinds of co-existing conditions, in order to ensure that these bright, capable teens get the support they need and deserve.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Twice Exceptional Teen Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, whether young people come to us struggling with a mental health condition, a behavioral health condition, a substance abuse disorder, or a Co-Occurring Disorder, our goal is to identify the deeper underlying needs which are at the root of their current struggles. To accomplish this, we’ve created a diagnostic and treatment design process that is completely individualized and therefore, different for every teen that comes here. While this admittedly requires more resources and time up front, we find that there’s simply no substitute in the individual, precise nature of care we’re able to provide. In our more than 15 years of working in adolescent treatment, we’ve learned the extreme inefficiency and insult of so many treatment providers, who simply apply broad diagnoses to outward symptoms. This leaves far too many teens’ real needs unmet, and their spirits and hopes even more broken. This is especially true for Twice Exceptional Teens.

For Twice Exceptional Teens, the treatment we provide at Paradigm Treatment Centers includes a number of services designed to ensure the full scope of their needs are met. As a cornerstone of our treatment plans, all teens receive individual treatment every day. This daily time teens have with their lead therapists helps to ensure the treatment is effective and teens are actively engaged in their therapeutic work. This individual therapy is in addition to multiple other group therapy sessions and activities, in which teens will be able to gain valuable skills and therapeutic processing time. For instance, we work with teens individually and in groups to help them develop improved stress reduction techniques and positive sober activities. We also provide academic support services, which offers individual tutoring sessions in addition to daily focused classroom time, in order to help address Twice Exceptional Teens’ academic needs. We also incorporate a number of different family therapy programs, designed to help build and strengthen the connections and dynamics between teens and families. The result is that at Paradigm Treatment Centers, we’re able to provide the support and assistance necessary to help Twice Exceptional Teens grow, develop, and thrive, in all areas of their lives.