Treating Adopted Teens

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we’re committed to supporting young people as they work through the core issues that are affecting them, so that they can gain freedom and insight to live their best and healthiest lives. We design each treatment plan individually, from the standpoint that each teen is a unique individual with unique thoughts, feelings, experiences, and needs. Beyond this, we also provide a number of supplemental support programs, designed to ensure that teens from diverse backgrounds have the support and resources they need, throughout the treatment process. Research shows that teens that were adopted can sometimes experience unique forms of stress and emotional difficulty, as well as struggle with mental health and substance abuse conditions. For this reason, we’ve designed an Adopted Teen Treatment program, which provides additional specialized support, guidance, and resources for treating adopted teens who are struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse conditions.

Treating Adopted Teens

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we recognize that teens that were adopted sometimes face unique challenges that can be especially prevalent during adolescence. Research shows that these challenges are thought to be related to a number of complex factors, including genetics; high-stress, unhealthy initial environments; and/or teens experiencing difficulty forming meaningful connections with others. In some instances, there may also be factors present related to early brain development. Because of the numerous factors that may be affecting these teens’ current well-being, it’s crucial that teen treatment explores and addresses the teens’ deepest emotional core needs- rather than just acknowledging the most obvious physical and behavioral symptoms- so that teens get the thorough support they need, at the deepest level possible.

Another aspect of treating adopted teens at Paradigm Treatment Centers is the working with teens to address the unique challenges they may experience in trying to understand who they are and how they fit into the world. While all teens struggle with discovering and forming identity, many teens that were adopted also experience some level of stress and discomfort related to their questions of background and how this relates to their exploration and discovery of identity. Because adolescence is such a poignant time for the discovery of self, it’s especially common for teens to wrestle with these aspects of identity, at this age. We recognize that these questions, feelings, and experiences can be very challenging but also important and meaningful for teens to process.

Lastly, another unique aspect of our treatment approach at Paradigm Treatment Centers is we incorporate valuable therapeutic work with parents and family members, throughout the teen’s treatment process. We understand that a teen’s treatment process can have significant effects on the entire family and for this reason, we place tremendous value on supporting parents and family members throughout treatment. To this end, we offer programs such as Parent Effectiveness Training and coaching, family therapy sessions, and Sibling Support Services for all families. At the same time, we also find that serving as the bridge between teens and family members, and helping to teach and foster healthy communication and connection can be incredibly valuable during this time. For teens that were adopted and are processing some of their feeling surrounding this aspect of their background, we find that treating adopted teens  and helping these families to have these conversations in a healthy, productive manner can be extremely helpful and deeply healing.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Treating Adopted Teens

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we’re committed to provide teens who were adopted with intentional attention, guidance, and support throughout the entirety of their treatment process. While in treatment at Paradigm Treatment Centers, teens will receive individual therapy sessions every day, as well as numerous other group therapy and support sessions. We provide a vast array of therapeutic approaches and offerings, which provide teens opportunities to engage in therapy in all different ways, so that together, we can identify the core needs and struggles affecting their lives. In this way, our entire approach and implementation of care has been carefully curated to provide every young person with the most full therapeutic experience possible, and to successfully help young people and families to enjoy healthy and happy lives.