Teen Trichotillomania Treatment

Teen Trichotillomania Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide residential holistic teen treatment for a wide range of mental health conditions, including Teen Trichotillomania Treatment. Teen Trichotillomania is categorized as an Impulse Control Disorder, characterized by teens compulsively pulling and twisting their hair. Teens with this condition are unable to resist the urge to pull their hair even if they want to stop and/or even if there are negative harmful consequences of continuing to do so, such as the teens’ hair thinning. While most commonly, teens with this condition pull hair from their heads, sometimes they might also pull eyelashes or eyebrows.

One of the defining characteristics of Teen Trichotillomania is teens have uneven hair and sometimes have patches on the scalp. Beyond this, some of the other symptoms teens may experience include: stress before pulling out hair and relief after pulling it; uneven hair appearance and growth; intestinal problems related to eating hair; skin irritation; hair loss; and/or other self-injury behaviors.

The causes of Teen Trichotillomania are thought to be associated with both biological and behavioral factors, including possible imbalance of neurotransmitters, as well as chronic stress related to coping mechanisms and/or another mental health condition. Along these lines, one of the focuses of our Teen Trichotillomania Treatment programs is not only addressing the hair-pulling behaviors, but the underlying mental and emotional stressors that are causing teens to want to pull their hair.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Trichotillomania Treatment:

It’s important to understand that very often with Teen Impulse Control Disorders as well as other Self-Harm behaviors, teens are suffering from deeper underlying emotional stress which leads them to these compulsive behaviors. As such, it’s very common for Teen Trichotillomania to be present as a Co-Occurring Disorder, along with things such as Teen Depression, Teen Anxiety, Teen Eating Disorders, Teen Shame, and/or low sense of self-worth. In designing and providing Teen Trichotillomania Treatment, it’s imperative that the full scope of teens’ deeper needs are recognized and addressed, rather than providing a singular focus on only the behaviors.

In our Teen Trichotillomania Treatment programs, we design every teen treatment plan individually, and incorporate the best combination of traditional and alternative approaches, in order to most precisely meet each teen’s unique needs and circumstances. The centerpiece of our teen treatment plans are the daily individual therapy sessions, which provide a consistent time for teens to engage thoughtfully and deeply in processing how conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings may be underlying their current behaviors and struggles. We also work with teens to help them learn healthy ways of coping with stress, new ways to process feelings and challenges, positive ways to overcome their compulsive behaviors, and more. The goal of our holistic Teen Trichotillomania Treatment plans is that teens will not only be able to overcome their unhealthy behaviors but heal on deeper levels which allow them to experience more freedom, confidence, and happiness in their lives.