Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide Teen Substance Abuse Treatment, including substance abuse that exists as a Co-Occurring Disorder. Our Teen Substance Abuse Treatment plans are designed from a holistic standpoint, aiming to not just help teens to end behaviors and gain relief from symptoms, but to grow and heal in meaningful ways. To this end, all of our Teen Substance Abuse Treatment plans are individually designed, and contain components to address teens’ mental, physical, emotional, relational, and academic health.


Teen Substance Abuse Treatment


Substance Abuse is defined as the use of a substance, to the degree or in a manner which it causes negative effects in teens’ lives. It’s important therefore to understand that in cases of Teen Substance Abuse, it is the nature of the behavior, and not the substance, which constitutes abuse. The negative effects which Teen Substance Abuse causes varies according to the teen; however, some of the most common side effects include things such as: academic struggles, irresponsibility toward school work and other responsibilities, tension in relationships, tendency to suddenly change peer groups, tendency to withdraw from others, general overall moodiness, apathy and/or hopelessness, and irritability. It’s also very common for teens struggling with Substance Abuse to also experience symptoms related to mental or emotional health issues, such as Teen Anxiety, Teen Depression, or Teen Eating Disorder. In these instances, it’s crucial for treatment to address the real underlying factors at play, in order to ensure a full and lasting recovery.

In order to fully and precisely address each teen’s unique needs and experiences, our Teen Substance Abuse have both individual and group therapy components.

Individual Therapy

All of our Teen Substance Abuse programs include individual therapy sessions, every day while teens are in treatment. The focus of the individual sessions is for teens to have consistent, focused time with their lead therapists, to process the deeper emotional aspects of their current struggles and experiences. This includes but isn’t limited to things such as helping teens to explore the underlying thought patterns, belief systems, and unhealthy behaviors which affect their daily lives, either consciously or unconsciously. These individual sessions are a cornerstone to our Teen Substance Abuse Treatment plans and we believe, one reason for our ongoing success.

Group Therapy

As part of our Teen Substance Abuse Treatment plans, teens also participate in numerous different group therapy sessions and activities, every day. These Group Therapy sessions provide an excellent counterpart to the individual time, and benefit teens in numerous ways, including providing them with a supportive community and environment, new experiences, and opportunities to learn and practice new healthy behaviors. The selection of Group Therapy sessions we offer cover a large range, including Expressive Arts Therapies (such as Art Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Music Therapy); Meditation Therapy and Yoga Therapy; and Recreational Therapy, Surf Therapy, and more. The reason for this extensive selection is to provide range of styles and approaches, so that all different teens with different personalities are able to find ways to engage meaningfully and fully, in their own treatment process.

Supplemental Programs

Lastly, our Teen Substance Abuse Treatment plans also provide teens with a number of other supplemental support programs, including things such as Nutritional planning, Academic Support Services, Family Therapy and Parent support services, athletic training and support, and social health resources. These programs are designed to support teens with specific needs and goals, while they are with us at Paradigm.