Teen Stimulant Abuse Treatment

Teen Stimulant Abuse TreatmentOverview:

Teen Stimulant Abuse refers to teens abusing prescription stimulant drugs, which produce stimulation of the nervous system. The drugs work by acting directly on the brain’s neurotransmitter chemicals, to stimulate enhanced functioning of teens’ thoughts and movements. Teens either abuse these drugs by taking a drug that wasn’t prescribed to them, or taking the drugs in a manner or amount that wasn’t prescribed. Because the substances directly affect the brain, this makes them highly addictive, as teens can easily become depend upon them in order to function. This is also especially dangerous, since teens’ brains are still developing and therefore, disruption of healthy functioning can cause permanent lasting harm.

Most teens abuse stimulant prescription drugs in order to experience the “high” of the increased energy. It’s also common for teens to abuse stimulant prescriptions when they’re cramming for tests or needing to study hard, to be able to increase their concentration for long, sustained periods of time. The most commonly abused prescription stimulant drugs among adolescents include those usually prescribed for ADD, ADHD, Depression, and sometimes narcolepsy. These drugs include: Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Concerta, among others.

One of the greatest concerns of Teen Stimulant Abuse is that teens often have virtually no knowledge of how the drugs they’re taking will affect them, other than the high that they’re seeking. Moreover, because stimulant prescription drugs are legal, teens can sometimes interpret this to mean that they’re “safe” to use. Because of this, it’s common for teens to vastly underestimate how negatively these drugs can affect their health and their lives, and furthermore, how easily stimulant abuse can lead to addiction.


Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Stimulant Abuse Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide residential holistic Teen Stimulant Abuse Treatment for teens, ages 13-17. All of our Teen Stimulant Abuse Treatment plans are designed individually. Beyond just addressing teens’ current problematic behaviors, we work with teens to address all aspects of their drug use. This includes things such as what kinds of underlying emotional struggles may have led to their drug use in the first place; what stressors are present in teens’ lives; and what thought patterns and false belief systems might be contributing to and/or aggravating their current struggles. In this way, our Teen Stimulant Abuse Treatment aims to help teens to explore themselves as people and beyond just attaining sobriety, to develop and grow in profound ways.

To support this important introspective work which teens do, our Teen Stimulant Abuse Treatment programs include a number of different therapeutic sessions and programs. First and foremost, teens have individual therapy sessions, every single day while at Paradigm Treatment Centers. Teens will also benefit from multiple other group therapy sessions throughout the day, which provide opportunities to further explore their therapy work and goals, while also benefiting from the special therapeutic environment and community here. Lastly, our Teen Stimulant Abuse Treatment Plans also provide teens with numerous support services to help teens in specific troublesome areas of their lives, such as academics, peer relationships, sibling support services, family therapy, and more. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we find that by designing and implementing treatment in this way, it’s not just possible for teens to gain freedom from drug addiction, but to leave here empowered and able to enjoy vastly improved quality of life.