Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment

Anabolic-androgenic steroids are illegal substances most commonly abused by teen athletes, in an effort to build up additional muscle and/or to enhance athletic performance. While steroid abuse has gained most attention recently for abuse among professional athletes and Olympians, Teen Steroid Abuse is also a prevalent and important issue. In fact, steroid abuse among teens can have even higher risks than adults, because of how the substances can negatively affect and/or disrupt teens’ long-term development.

Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment

The way that anabolic-androgenic steroids work is they contain chemicals similar to the male hormone testosterone. Because of the way the steroids mimic the effects of testosterone, teens will often take on male-like characteristics, because of the abuse. This can also cause significant disruption to teens’ healthy functioning of hormones. Understandably, this is especially dangerous in teens, for whom there is already an influx of hormones involved with all different types of important mental and physical development. Therefore, in cases of Teen Steroid Abuse, teens can sometimes damage this development and experience severe unintended side effects, as a result.

One risk of Teen Steroid Abuse is teens can accelerate the developmental changes and growth happening, associated with puberty. Because the teens’ skeletons aren’t prepared for this kind of accelerated growth, some teens can actually suffer from permanently stunted growth. Additionally, by adding undue stress on the body by forcing it to develop in ways it’s not ready to do naturally, this can cause serious harm to teens’ neurotransmitters as well as their healthy organ function, including things such as severe mood swings, paranoia, anxiety, depression, as well as liver damage, heart problems, blood pressure and cholesterol issues, heart attack, and even death. Lastly, the effects of additional testosterone-like substance also has problematic specifically related to gender. In males, this abundance of testosterone can lead to development of female features, such as development of breasts, baldness, infertility, and increased risk of cancer. In females, Teen Steroid Abuse can cause growth of facial hair, deepened voice, and disruption to the menstrual cycle.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide residential Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment, including teen steroid abuse as a Co-Occurring Disorder. Our Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment plans are designed individually, in order to address all of the teens’ specific needs, goals, symptoms, and struggles. While the primary focus of treatment is to support teens to safely discontinue use of the steroids, it’s also important to support teens to process the deeper underlying causes that triggered the use, including potential emotional struggles or stressors. Very often what we find is when teens are struggling with Teen Steroid Abuse, there are other factors at play which they may be avoiding or hiding from. During Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment, it’s necessary to ensure these aspects are addressed, so that the sobriety teens achieve during treatment is also sustainable in their lives.

Our Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment programs include individual therapy sessions every day, as well as numerous other group therapy groups and support services. The large selection of programs we offer are designed to help teens grow and recover in all areas of their lives, in order to improve their emotional, mental, physical, relational, and academic well-being. The goal of our Teen Steroid Abuse Treatment programs here at Paradigm Treatment Centers is teens will leave here free from steroid abuse and dependence, but moreover, having grown and developed as people, on all levels.