Teen Spiritual Health

Teen Spiritual Health - Paradigm Treatment CentersAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we respect and value all individual practices – religious or not – which support teens’ overall growth, healing, individuation, and development as people. We’re respectful of all religious practices and belief systems and have designed our Teen Spiritual Health program to encourage and nurture teens’ spiritual practices, whatever those might be. We implement a spiritual program into the teen treatment process as one aspect of teaching teens skills and practices that will support their ability to self-reflect and grow more whole as people.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we approach teen treatment from a holistic perspective. We integrate all different aspects of our teen treatment plans to support the overall growth, healing, and recovery of teens as individuals, rather than simply offering predetermined treatment strategies to alleviate symptoms. Therefore, in order to empower teens to grow and develop in all areas of their lives, we view their physical, mental, and spiritual health as intimately connected and approach treatment from this standpoint.

Understandably, the word “spiritual” holds numerous meanings in different contexts, including religious connotations. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, the spiritual health aspect of treatment varies according to the teen’s individual teen treatment plan, and aims to simply support existing practices and/or introduce practices which support teens’ ability to reflect inwardly, and develop a sensitivity to their instincts, their inner voice, and their beliefs. We believe that this kind of spiritual self-reflective practice is of great value, especially in the context of the therapeutic work that teens are learning to do while here with us at Paradigm. While we don’t incorporate any religious practices or beliefs as part of our treatment, we are more than happy to incorporate teens’ own individual practices, services, or other religious exercises, as part of their individualized treatment plans.

We also strive to maintain a supportive, safe, comfortable environment at Paradigm Treatment Centers that is nurturing to teens’ growth and development. One aspect of this is we maintain an awareness and sensitivity to the different backgrounds, religions, and belief systems of the teens here, and always ensure that the environment is safe and supportive of these differences. At the same time, teens that are different in certain ways are also able to recognize similarities in one another, and gain compassion and empathy for the struggles they share. By creating this kind of environment for all, the young people here are able to extend kindness, respect, and understanding for teens that are different from them, in ways that contribute toward creating an incredibly healing and nurturing environment. The acceptance and mutual respect practiced here includes the spiritual practices of all teens here at Paradigm Treatment Centers, as this environment is a cornerstone of what makes our treatment so meaningful.