Teen Spice Abuse Treatment

Spice is a mix of herbs and manmade chemicals that form a synthetic marijuana substitute, also classified as a “synthetic cannabinoid.” The chemicals used to create spice are similar to the active ingredient in marijuana, which is what causes the similar effects. However, one of the biggest risks related to Teen Spice Abuse is because the substance is man-made and the chemicals are so varied, sometimes the effects can be much stronger and/or unintended than what teens are expecting. This not only increases the risks of Teen Spice Abuse but also makes teens vulnerable to serious negative health effects. While the most common active ingredients in Spice have been outlawed by the drug administration, manufacturers continue to slightly alter them just enough so that they can continue to sell spice over the counter, usually as a form of incense. This of course makes teens extremely vulnerable to abuse and furthermore, often causes them to underestimate the potential risks, since the drug is deemed “legal.”

Teen Spice Abuse Treatment

There are a number of negative side effects associated with Teen Spice Abuse, including health conditions serious enough that hospitalization is necessary. Some of these symptoms of Teen Spice Abuse include, but are not limited to: increased heart rate, disrupted blood flow, nausea, throwing up, anxiety, confusion, headaches, violent behavior, depressive and/or suicidal thoughts, heart attacks, and death.

Teen Spice Abuse can also lead to Teen Spice Addiction, which commonly leads to disruptions and negative effects in just about all areas of teens’ lives. It’s not uncommon for teens struggling with Spice Addiction to fall behind in their academics, experience tension in relationships, show apathy toward responsibilities, and be moody and generally agitated. Moreover, because teens can experience withdrawal symptoms once they discontinue use, this can make it increasingly difficult for teens to quit. This is one of the many reasons why professional Teen Spice Abuse Treatment is so important, in order to support teens to safely recover.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Spice Abuse Treatment

Paradigm Treatment Centers is a residential treatment facility, with locations in Malibu, California and San Francisco, California. At Paradigm Treatment Centers we provide holistic teen mental health and teen substance abuse conditions, including Teen Spice Abuse Treatment.
At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we approach each Teen Spice Abuse Treatment plan individually, and design treatment according to the teen’s unique needs, circumstances, symptoms, and goals. Our Teen Spice Abuse Treatment plans draw from the best of both traditional and alternative approaches, in order to most precisely meet teens’ specific needs. This includes working with teens to address their drug use behaviors as well as the deeper underlying root causes, which have led to it. In this sense, we want to support teens to not just adjust their behaviors, but to observe and process them, in order to identify what kinds of stressors and/or other challenges may be connected to their drug use. To this end, therapists work with teens to help them identify things such as environmental stressors, relational stressors, academic stressors, physical factors, and/or false belief systems which may be contributing to their abuse. Our Teen Spice Abuse Treatment programs also provide teens with direct support programs to help them address particular needs, such as academic struggles, relational dynamics, and more. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide treatment that goes above and beyond addressing behaviors and serves to help teens recover, heal, and grow, in all areas of their lives.