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Teen Social Health Therapy - Paradigm Treatment Centers

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Social Health Therapy Program is designed to support youth in their all aspects of their social development, including the creation and maintenance of healthy relationships with peers. We approach teen treatment holistically and as such, value each aspect of a teen’s life as one integral part to their overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In this regard, social development is an important aspect of adolescence, including teens learning how to interact with peers comfortably, as well as forming a healthy sense of self. Our Teen Social Health Therapy Program is designed to provide teens with practical skills, tools, and support necessary to enjoy healthy relationships in their lives.

It’s common for teens that are struggling with teen mental health and/or substance abuse disorders to experience difficulty in peer relationships and/or social situations, especially such as classroom settings. Sometimes these social challenges can arise from specific symptoms, such as Teen Anxiety, while other times it may be struggles related to the conditions themselves, such as Teen Autism, Teen PTSD, or Teen Depression. Moreover, many teen mental health and substance abuse conditions often cause teens to withdraw from others and isolate themselves, which can also present difficulties for teens interacting with others, over time.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we incorporate social skills training throughout numerous different aspects of our treatment plans. Some of the specific topics and skills we cover as part of this program includes but aren’t limited to: self-relaxation techniques; social problem solving skills; communication skills; how to overcome fear of embarrassment; how to share feelings; how to draw and hold boundaries; mindfulness; how to avoid fights; and how to withstand negative peer pressure. We find that all of these practices and strategies not only help teens to become more successful in forming and maintaining healthy relationships, but also in decreasing their stress, helping to prevent relapse, and improving their overall quality of life.

Within our Teen Addiction Treatment Programs, one aspect of our Teen Social Health Therapy Program is to help re-teach teens to learn how to enjoy themselves and social time while remaining sober. Depending on the teen’s particular background, this can sometimes be very challenging, especially as teens re-enter relationships with peers and groups with whom they shared these behaviors. For this reason, we incorporate numerous different fun sober activities and experiences, including things such as: sporting activities; beach trips; surfing; art activities; hiking; theater and community outings; horse-back riding; and amusement parks.

In some Teen Addiction Treatment plans, we also incorporate aspects of the 12-Step Program. We incorporate the 12-Step Program as one valuable modality amidst many, with numerous benefits for teens in recovery. One of the ways in which the 12-Step Program lends itself so well to our Teen Social Health Therapy Program is it provides a healthy, sober community for teens to be a part of, where they can feel understood, accepted, supported, and inspired. For teens that are interested, we recommend 12-step community meetings as well as support groups, both through the treatment process and once they return home.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, all aspects of our Teen Social Health Therapy Program are incorporated on a case-by-case basis, as part of the treatment plan designed to specifically meet the teen’s core needs. It’s worth noting that while at Paradigm Treatment Centers, teens also greatly benefit from the incredibly safe, supportive, comfortable community which we create, among teens and staff alike. We find that this wonderful therapeutic environment proves deeply healing and encouraging to teens’ social health, during their time here with us.