Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Teen Social Anxiety Disorder is a mental illness in which teens have an extreme fear of being judged or rejected by others. This fear may overcome teens in a number of different contexts, including general social situations like school and/or more “performance-based” contexts, such as when teens are asked to participate in class. In other cases, it may be extremely difficult for teens to even conduct simply interactions with strangers because the fear of judgment is so overcoming.

In the past, Teen Social Anxiety Disorder was sometimes often incorrectly labeled and addressed as simply shyness, which is not the case. Teens with this anxiety disorder aren’t able simply to “get over” their fear or control their nervousness. Moreover, the fear can become so severe that it prevents teens from being able to function well in their lives and make it difficult for them to form and/or maintain any relationships, as teens begin to avoid social situations and/or any chance of being humiliated. The nature of the anxiety is it gradually gains more power over teens’ lives, as they withdraw from friendships, family members, and even activities (such as a sport or playing an instrument) which they once loved. It’s important to recognize that in this sense, the anxiety isn’t logical; instead, teens get stuck inside thought patterns that perpetuate severe stress and fear, to the point where teens don’t have the ability to change their thinking, even if they’re aware that their fears are technically unreasonable. This combination of teens feeling such extreme stress and fear, together with them feeling increasingly alone, can cause significant harm to the way they see themselves and their lives, and can create a sense of hopelessness.

Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment | Paradigm Treatment Centers

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

With all the stress adolescents already face today, sometimes they may underestimate the severity of the anxiety they’re feeling or feel scared to take openly about it with others, especially since they would be vulnerable to judgment. Because of this, it’s unfortunately extremely common for teens to suffer from Teen Social Anxiety Disorder for far longer than they should, before ever reaching out for help. The result is that symptoms continue to worsen and grow more severe, as the thought patterns become more ingrained. For these reasons, we always encourage teens and families to reach out and talk to a professional as early as possible, to see if the teens are struggling with Teen Social Anxiety Disorder.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we always design Teen Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment plans from a holistic perspective, with the goal of not just helping teens to gain relief and overcome their social fears, but to heal and grow on deeper levels and to become better equipped to navigate future challenges. The more introspective, deeper work teens do is predominantly in their individual therapy sessions which occur daily, with their lead therapists. During these sessions, therapists help teens to evaluate what kinds of emotional roots are underneath these troubling thought patterns and what other stressors may be contributing to and/or aggravating their anxiety. At the same time, our therapists also work with teens to help them address the specific problem areas in their lives, such as academics or certain activities, while also teaching teens practices to reduce stress, as well as healthy ways to cope with anxiety, moving forward. The effect of our thorough approach to teen social anxiety disorder treatment is that teens are able to gain relief from anxiety, make insights into themselves that will help them to rebuild more positive thought patterns, and increase their overall well-being and quality of life.