Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment


Salvia is a type of herb often abused by teens for its hallucinogenic effects. Salvia is usually taken by teens chewing the leaves. Salvia produces the hallucinogenic high by affecting certain nerve cells which produce intense, short-lasting effects such as distorted mood, body movements, detachment from reality, and psychedelic-like effects to vision and body sensations. Because of how strongly salvia can distort teens’ sense, it’s often difficult for teens to have correct judgments while under the influence, which is why it’s dangerous for teens to drive or partake in risky behavior, while high.

Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment

There is relatively limited information available on the long-term effects of Salvia. This increases the risk of Teen Salvia Abuse, since teens are vulnerable to experience unintended repercussion, especially on their brains and/or brain development. While salvia is not recognized as a highly addictive substance, some teens can seek the potent high regularly, which easily lends itself to abuse.


Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we offer holistic residential Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment, as part of our Teen Substance Abuse program. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, no one treatment plan is alike. There is no predetermined Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment curriculum; instead, we design each plan individually, based on a thorough combination of diagnostics, which assess the full range of teens’ behavioral, emotional, mental, physical, relational, and academic needs and goals.

While in Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment at a Paradigm Treatment Center location, teens benefit from individual therapy sessions, every day, with their lead therapists. This consistent, focused time is designed for therapists to help teens process all the different aspects of their current drug use, including the deeper underlying emotional triggers and struggles, which may have been previously hidden or unaddressed. Each Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment plan incorporates a number of different therapeutic techniques and contexts in order to help teens authentically engage in the treatment process, and to gain valuable insights into themselves as people. By supporting teens to evaluate their drug use and addiction in this thorough way, teens are able to achieve sobriety by making sincere changes which they are motivated and empowered to sustain.

During Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment at Paradigm Treatment Centers, we also provide a number of group therapy opportunities and support services. In order to ensure all of teens’ diverse needs and personalities are met, we offer a number of therapy options and approaches, including things such as Teen Drama Therapy, Teen Surf Therapy, Teen Yoga Therapy, and Teen Music Therapy. Moreover, in order to help teens address specific struggles, we also offer direct support such as academic tutoring, social health programs, sibling support services, family therapy, stress reduction techniques, exercise programs, and more. Overall, the goal of our Teen Salvia Addiction Treatment plans is to support teens to heal, grow, and recover in all areas of their lives.