Teen Relapse Prevention

Teen Relapse PreventionAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we offer Psycho-Educational Services, in order to provide opportunities for teens and family members to become educated about the clinical nature surrounding different aspects of Teen Mental Health and Teen Addiction. One of these programs is our Teen Relapse Prevention program, which focuses specifically on the nature and common stages of relapse. In providing teen treatment at Paradigm Treatment Centers, we aim to support teens and families every step of the way of healing and recovery, including supporting them to sustain this recovery, once they return home. We find that by educating teens and families and helping them to prepared for the time following treatment, our teens are much more successful in maintaining progress and growth.

Our Teen Relapse Prevention Education includes aspects of what common triggers and pitfalls teens may face, as well as how to avoid and overcome these triggers. Just as we work with teens in therapy sessions to become mindful of their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, we also want them to maintain an awareness regarding particular moments and/or events, which might make them vulnerable to relapse. The goal in educating teens about the nature of relapse is not to scare them into sober behaviors, but rather, to help them hold a healthy, courageous perspective about the ongoing efforts and intention that sobriety and recovery entails.

Our Teen Relapse Prevention Education provides helpful information to teens as well as parents and family members. In working with teens, we focus on helping teens to be aware about what kinds of settings, environments, and/or triggers may arise, which will cause them to want to use. At the same time, we teach teens strategies and techniques to recognize and avoid these triggers. This more general information is coordinated with the individualized treatment teens are doing, in which they’re already learning and processing their own individual triggers, habits, and past behaviors. The combination of this wider knowledge base together with their own self-awareness makes them capable and prepared to navigate their recovery, following treatment.

During our Teen Relapse Prevention Education program we also work with teens and parents to help educate them on the multi-stage process of relapse, including “red flags” that often occur, before the actual instance of relapse. We also work with parents to help them understand what ways they can provide support in the home environment as well as in relationship with their teens, in order to effectively support teens’ continued and lasting sobriety. This includes helping parents and family members recognize warning signs as well as finding healthy ways to create open and honest communication, surrounding how the teens are doing. This kind of open, honest, supportive communication is a foundational element in the Paradigm Treatment Center experience and we believe, also fundamental to teens’ ongoing health and well-being. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, in order to provide continued family support to all of our teens and families, we also offer free after-care services, following teens’ time here with us.