Teen Psychological Testing

Teen Psychological TestingAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we believe that a treatment plan can only be as successful as the diagnostics upon which it is based. This is why all teens receive Teen Psychological Testing process, within 48 hours of admission, as one element of our thorough initial diagnostic assessments. Our Teen Psychological Testing process may include a number of different evaluations that assess teens’ emotional and cognitive functioning. With the information we gather from the combination of assessments, our team is then able to design the teen’s individual treatment plan, based on these precise and thorough findings. We believe that the thorough attention and care with which we carry out the diagnostic process is fundamental to the quality of treatment we provide, as well as our ongoing success at Paradigm Treatment Centers.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, one of the central reasons for the Teen Psychological Testing is to determine the most accurate, precise diagnosis possible and then to design a treatment plan, accordingly. While it might seem commonplace for treatment facilities practice these kinds of diagnostic measures, it unfortunately is not. Many treatment programs either hurry this process or conduct it sloppily, bringing teens in for diagnostic testing weeks after they’ve been admitted, after having wasted valuable time and resources. While this is somewhat common practice for a number of complex reasons, one of them is treatment providers’ attempt to limit the resources and instead, simply apply broad treatment ideas to large numbers of teens, solely based on general outward symptoms. These kinds of practices are imprecise and ineffective, often leaving teens and parents facing the same struggles as before, vulnerable to relapse, and even more discouraged. In other cases, facilities may provide diagnostics, but not thoroughly enough, missing important factors such as potential physical ailments or Co-Occurring Disorders, which are huge components in teens’ current symptoms.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, while we of course incorporate strategies to help teens gain relief from symptoms, our treatment design goes far beyond simply addressing symptoms and behaviors. The Psychological Testing we employ provides us with important information and background, so that our team of therapists can help teens to process, reflect upon, and address their symptoms, behaviors, and struggles on a deeper emotional level. This important therapeutic work includes things such as helping teens recognize false belief systems, prominent stressors, and/or thought patterns that may be contributing to their current experience. Furthermore, we also work to equip teens to better cope with stress moving forward, and to more healthily navigate the challenges in their lives.
Another goal of our Teen Psychological Testing is to identify positive aspects of teens’ lives, such as strengths and interests. While the majority of treatment centers instead only focus on teens’ struggles and symptoms, we believe that it’s extremely beneficial to incorporate these positive forces into teen treatment, in order to encourage and further the progress with their therapeutic goals. In this sense, each and every aspect of the diagnostic processes and treatment at paradigm Treatment Centers have been carefully designed in order to help young people identify and be motivated to make powerful changes, which improve their lives. This is the Paradigm Treatment Center promise.