Teen Psycho-Educational Services

Teen Psycho-Educational ServicesFor many people, adolescence is characterized by many new joys and also many difficult challenges. During this time of life, there’s an incredible amount of unknown and so many different aspects of self-discovery, colored by what seem to be endless questions. This is even more true for youth that are struggling with Teen Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse conditions. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we understand that the process of Teen Treatment is often stressful and difficult not just for teens but for the whole family. One aspect of this stress is often due to confusion and lack of knowledge around what’s happening and what might help to improve things. In order to address these needs of teens and families, we offer a Teen Psycho-Educational Services program, designed to educate teens and families about the Teen Mental Health and Substance Abuse conditions they’re currently facing.

The nature of Teen Mental Health Disorders and Teen Substance Abuse conditions is admittedly complex. Some of the thoughts, feelings, and symptoms teens experience are scary, confusing, and overwhelming. It’s understandable for teens and family members to feel intimidated by these challenges. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we believe that it’s our responsibility to provide youth and families with clear, honest, complete information. As such, our Teen Psycho-Educational Services are designed to provide teens and families with helpful information about Teen Mental Health and Addiction conditions, so they can be better equipped to understand and navigate their time throughout treatment and following.

In instances of Teen Mental Health conditions, we educate teens and families about the clinical nature of particular illnesses, as well as different subtypes of the illness, symptoms that can arise, and presence of Co-Occurring Disorders, such as when teens are also struggling with addiction. These sessions also provide a time for teens and families to ask questions and learn about the more clinical side of the illnesses, such as how the brain chemicals are affected, how medication works, the cycles of the disorder, and challenges people frequently face. We find that helping teens and families understand the nature of illness helps them to be better equipped to successfully engage in the treatment process, as well as to sustain and support the progress they’ve made, once they return home.

In instances of Teen Substance Abuse conditions, we educate teens and families about the nature of addiction, the biological, psychological, and emotional effects and risks, and the process of recovery. It’s important to note that our strategy at Paradigm Treatment Center is not to scare teens into correcting their behaviors, though many other teen treatment centers incorporate this strategy consistently. Instead, we respect teens as smart, capable individuals and believe that they should be knowledgeable of regarding how their behaviors are affecting their health and therefore, what the risks are of their behaviors, which they may be unaware of. On this note, we find that it’s very common for youth to insist they are much more knowledgeable about substance abuse than they actually are. By providing teens with this information surrounding addiction and recovery, we support authentic internal motivation to take place, in order for teens to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Some of the specific educational session topics of our Teen Psycho-Educational Services program include things such as: Medical Aspects of Addiction and Recovery, Family Dynamics and Education, Teen Relapse Prevention, and Emotional Management.