Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment


Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment continues to become increasingly important, as the abuse becomes more common among teens, and are currently the most abused drugs among teens, after alcohol and marijuana. Teen Prescription Drug Abuse includes teens either taking a prescription drug that was not prescribed to them, or in a manner which it was not prescribed. Teens abusing prescription meds often take them to obtain a high, rather than the drug’s intended purpose. The most commonly abused prescription drugs among teens are stimulants, depressants, and opioids.

One of the great risks of Teen Prescription Drug Abuse is teens most often have no knowledge of the side effects of the drug and/or how the drug may affect them, if taken not as prescribed.  Because these drugs are prescribed by doctors, they’re given with very specific amounts and directions, which are in accordance with people’s particular needs such as weight, symptoms, and other personal health factors. Therefore, when teens take the meds recreationally, they really have no idea of what reactions might take place. Moreover, because teens sometimes take these drugs in party settings, it’s common for them to combine them with alcohol as well, with drastically increases the risks, which can include things such as seizures, nausea and vomiting, coma, and death.

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

It’s also extremely common for Teen Prescription Drug Abuse to lead to addiction. When these drugs are prescribed, the doctors prescribe a timeline in accordance with how the person’s body will process the substance, in order to ensure that too much of the drug doesn’t build up and cause adverse effects. When teens are taking more of the drugs than they should and in higher frequency than is safe, it’s easy for them to quickly become dependent upon the drug and end up with addiction.

Beyond the negative health risks of Teen Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction, there are also numerous ways which prescription drug abuse can negatively affect teens’ lives. It’s very common for teens to struggle with their responsibilities such as academics and extracurricular activities; cause tension in relationships with friends and family members; and the drugs can also negatively affect teens’ mood and overall disposition.


Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide holistic residential Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment. Our treatment approach draws upon both traditional and progressive modalities, in order to design treatment that addresses all aspects of teens’ mental, emotional, physical, relational, and academic health and well-being. Every one of our Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment plans is designed individually, according to the teen’s unique symptoms, goals, needs, interests, and strengths. Our Teen Prescription Drug Abuse plans include individual daily therapy sessions with lead therapists, during which therapists will help teens to uncover and process the deeper emotional aspects of their current abuse, including things such as stressors which have contributed to and/or aggravated their use. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we also have special measures in place to diagnose and treat Co-Occurring Disorders, such as when teens are also suffering from Teen Anxiety or Teen Depression. In addition to these talk therapy sessions, teens also partake in numerous other group therapy sessions and therapeutic activities, as part of their Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment. The goal is by providing treatment that addresses healing and recovery in all areas of their lives, teens will not only achieve sobriety but leave here stronger and better equipped to navigate future struggles and to live their best lives.