Teen Personality Disorder Treatment

Personality Disorders are a type of mental health condition, characterized by teens having unhealthy and rigid ways of behaving, thinking, and functioning. These tendencies cause teens to experience difficulty in relating to others, as well as their perceptions of people and the world around them. Because of these deeply set patterns, teens often experience significant challenges in school, in relationships with others, and in social settings. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide Teen Personality Disorder Treatment.

One of the challenges in helping teens with Teen Personality Disorder is it’s not uncommon for teens to not believe, or even strongly disagree, that they need Teen Personality Disorder Treatment. This is likely at least partly due to the fact that the teens have always had the specific behaviors and perspectives that characterize the disorder, and therefore, through their lens, life seems normal. While there are some symptoms specific to the type of personality disorder, some of the consistent symptoms among teens with personality disorders include: inability to control impulses, unpredictable behavior, inappropriate behavior in social settings, difficulty with relationships, frequent mood swings, substance abuse issues, and impractical or unhealthy perspective. There are also symptoms specifically related to the personality disorders listed below:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by teens having an inflated, superior view of themselves, which causes them to be unaware and unconcerned with the thoughts, experiences, or feelings of others. However, even while teens with Narcissistic Personality Disorder have exaggerated views of their own talents and entitlements, they also have a deep need for the praise or recognition from others. In this sense, teens with this personality disorder may appear insecure and arrogant, simultaneously.

Borderline Personality Disorder is most notably characterized by unpredictable, compulsive, and/or manipulative behavior, which causes teens to experience extreme difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships with others. Teens with Borderline Personality Disorder may demonstrate behaviors that swing from extremes of extreme neediness and fear of abandonment to intentionally hurtful behavior toward loved ones.

Paranoid Personality Disorder is characterized by teens having a constant paranoia regarding mistrusting other people, which causes overwhelming fear and anxiety in their lives. Because these teens always worry that other people have hidden motives, they often withdraw from others completely, in order to protect themselves.

Dependent Personality Disorder is characterized by teens operating in extreme dependence with another person and being unable to function independently in their own lives, even with simple decisions. These teens often use their strong reliance upon others as a way to allay their fears of being abandoned and/or being alone.

Paradigm Treatment Centers:

Because it’s common for teens with Personality Disorders to be resistant and/or defensive toward the idea that they have a problem, they can also feel defensive toward treatment. Therefore it’s very important that therapists first establish a safe, supportive environment where teens can trust that it is ok to open up. Our team of therapists and mental health professionals at Paradigm Treatment Centers are uniquely qualified to work with teens who have misgivings about the treatment experience. One of the ways our treatment design lends itself well to these teens is our entire treatment diagnosis and design process is based on each individual teen’s unique set of symptoms, needs, and goals. We begin with a thorough diagnostic interview in which we assess all different aspect of teens’ lives, including things related to their mental, emotional, relational, physical, and academic health. We then use this assessment to design a personalized Teen Personality Disorder Treatment plan that will best support the teen’s specific needs and struggles.

While in Teen Personality Disorder Treatment, all teens receive individual therapy sessions, every day. This is extremely beneficial for teens that may be struggling to accept the idea that they have a disorder and/or that they need help. By having this concentrated, daily time with teens, the lead therapists are able to help teens to process and stay engaged with their current thoughts, feelings, and therapeutic work. We also offer a number of group therapy sessions and other supplemental support programs, designed to help teens heal, process, and grow in different areas of their lives. These include things such as our Academic Support Services, our Family Group Therapy sessions, Social Support Services, and stress reduction techniques and classes. The goal is by helping teens to gain insight into their thoughts and connections to their behaviors, that we will empower them to become more able to successfully and healthily manage and navigate the challenges in their lives.