Teen Panic Disorder Treatment

Teen Panic Disorder is a condition in which teens suffer from regularly being overcome with quick, sudden onsets of panic, commonly known as “panic attacks.” The “attack” teens experience refers to the symptoms which resemble an extreme stress response, in which it’s often hard for teens to breathe. While there’s no single known cause for Teen Panic Disorder, there are several factors that are related, including: relationship to Teen PTSD; following a big life event, such as moving or divorce; negative side effects of prescription or withdrawal from medications; and/or presence of another Anxiety Disorder.

The recurring panic attacks teens experience can become increasingly intense and more frequent, and they can even perpetuate themselves, as teens get anxious because they’re afraid of having a panic attack, which triggers the episode. Over time, this can cause considerable physical symptoms due to the effects of the stress on the body, including disrupting teens’ corticosteroid (or stress hormone) response system, which is also connected to the body’s neurotransmitter system, hormone system, and immune function.

Teen Panic Disorder Treatment

Paradigm Treatment Center Teen Panic Disorder Treatment:

First and foremost, at Paradigm Treatment Centers, we’re committed to designing treatment plans according to each individual’s unique needs, symptoms, stories, and strengths. There is no set curriculum for our Teen Panic Disorder Treatment plans, and the cornerstone of treatment is to support teens to do the important deeper emotional work necessary to be able to attain and sustain healing in their lives.

For teens struggling with Panic Disorder, our therapists work with them to help them identify what kind of thought patterns actually occur leading up to the panic attack. Therapists might also help teens to uncover false belief systems that are connected with central fears, rooted at a deeper emotional level. By helping teens evaluate their thoughts in this way, the goal is to help them become more empowered to avoid panic attacks, while also identifying what stressors in their lives need to be addressed. We also implement a number of supplemental classes and groups to help teens meet their personal struggles and/or goals in school and relationships, and provide an array of opportunities for teens to engage in new, positive activities, as well as new ways to cope with challenges and reduce stress in their lives. In this sense, the Paradigm Treatment Center Teen Panic Disorder Treatment approach is to go above and beyond just a diagnosis treatment, so that the healing teens experience is authentic and rooted deeply in who they are as people.