Teen Neurofeedback Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we design every teen treatment plan individually, by drawing upon the best combination of traditional and alternative therapeutic approaches and techniques. Throughout our many years providing care to adolescents, we’ve found that by offering a wide selection of therapeutic opportunities, we can more fully and precisely support each teen’s unique needs and personalities, in order to provide the best treatment experience possible. One of the techniques we offer at Paradigm Treatment Centers is Teen Neurofeedback Treatment, which teaches teens how to recognize and regulate their brain function, as a tool to be able to manage and overcome current struggles. Our Teen Neurofeedback Treatment services are always provided in conjunction with teens’ larger treatment plans and coordinated with the teens’ lead therapists.

Teen Neurofeedback TreatmentTeen Neurofeedback Treatment is a therapeutic technique in which sensors are placed on teens’ scalps, which measure brain waves on blood flow. These images are then projected back to them on a screen. Therefore, as therapists lead teens through the sessions and gather information for the tests, they can determine areas of the brain that are over-active or under-active, as well as how specific triggers, thoughts, or topics, might relate to specific symptoms teens are experiencing, such as anxiety or depression. Throughout the sessions, teens interact with therapists while also getting to watch their brain activity on the screen, which helps them recognize visually what is occurring internally. This process is extremely helpful for teens to recognize and identify tendencies, and over time, Teen Neurofeedback Treatment sessions can actually teach teens how to intentionally regulate, adjust, and/or affect their brain activity. For instance, in instances of Teen Anxiety, the teens might be able to observe how specific triggers bring on a spiral of anxiety, and by intentionally focusing on regulating an over-active part of their brain, they can begin to learn ways to avoid things such as panic attacks and in time, their anxiety symptoms altogether.

It’s worth noting that as a supplement to teens’ daily individual therapy sessions, these Teen Neurofeedback Treatment sessions can provide a tangible way for teens to apply the insights and discoveries they’re making in their talk therapy sessions. For instance, as teens begin to recognize their thought patterns, behavioral tendencies, and belief systems in their individual therapy sessions, they can physically observe the effects of those things, in the Neurofeedback sessions. The result is that each aspect of the treatment plans at Paradigm Treatment Centers work together to best support teens making meaningful, sustainable progress throughout there time here with us.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we offer Teen Neurofeedback Treatment as just one aspect of our holistic teen treatment programs. We find that for many teens, Teen Neurofeedback Treatment provides a wonderful supplement to the other therapeutic aspects of their treatment plan, and a unique perspective on the physical nature of their current experiences.