Teen Music Therapy

Teen Music TherapyAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, the foundation of our treatment approach is to provide the most precise, holistic care possible for each teen that comes here. All of our teen mental health and substance abuse treatment programs are designed individually, tailored according to each teen’s unique needs, symptoms, interests, and goals. In order to create a treatment experience that specifically meets a variety of teens’ needs and best supports them to fully engage in therapeutic work, we draw upon the best combination of traditional and modern therapeutic approaches, including Teen Expressive Arts Therapy programs. Paradigm Treatment Centers boasts the largest selection of Teen Expressive Arts Therapy programs of any teen treatment facility in the country, which includes our Teen Music Therapy program.

Teen Music Therapy is an evidence-based clinical therapeutic approach which uses engagement of music in the therapeutic context, in order to help teens progress with their therapeutic goals. Proven to be a successful technique for both teen mental health and substance abuse condition treatment, Teen Music Therapy is incorporated into teen treatment plans here at Paradigm on a case-by-case basis. One of the innate benefits of using Music Therapy with adolescents is for so many young people, music is already such an a meaningful and central aspects of their lives, and poignant means of expression.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, all of our Teen Music Therapy sessions are conducted by a licensed professional Music Therapist, who designs the particular music therapy session in accordance with the group of teens’ current treatment needs and goals. Depending on the group of teens, a teen music therapy session may include many different aspects of working with music, including dance, creating music, listening, and/or singing. With this said, it’s important to understand that it’s not merely these acts in an of themselves which hold therapeutic value, but rather how the music therapist use the musical experience in order to support teens to process, express, practice, and explore the different thoughts and feelings of their current experience. The music therapist creates these meaningful music therapy sessions by first assessing the different needs in the group, including things such as communication skills, social skills, emotional health, physical health, and cognitive skills. The music therapist then designs a music therapy session that creates opportunities to address these needs and struggles, through the organic interaction with music. It’s worth noting that we firmly believe that the value and enjoyment teens gain from our Teen Music Therapy program is directly related to our music therapists’ tremendous professional skills and talents for recognizing teens’ needs, and then designing creative musical experiences which address those needs.

Teens experience myriad positive effects from participating in our Teen Music Therapy sessions. For many teens, music therapy is a less intimidating format of therapy, in which they feel more free to explore and process more freely. For many teens, our Music Therapy sessions also provide a wonderful supplement to their daily therapy sessions, in which teens can further explore and reflect upon the thoughts and feelings they are discovering in more direct, talk therapy based sessions. Lastly, many teens who struggle with communication and social settings can learn to relax and engage in Teen Music Therapy sessions, and practice better understanding themselves individually and with relation to others.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to motivate young people to find authentic ways to engage in their therapeutic work they are here to do. This is one of the central reasons why we provide such an extensive range of therapeutic opportunities, as we understand that different approaches benefit different teens, and we want to ensure that everyone has ways into their own therapeutic goals and success. We’ve found that our Teen Expressive Arts Therapy program, including Teen Music Therapy, provide wonderful supplements to our talk therapy sessions, as well as a safe, supportive, fun environment for teens to engage organically in their work. This not only allows teens to make valuable discoveries about themselves and insights that will further their larger treatment goals, but also adds positive enjoyment and experience to their time here, which is something we greatly value. Lastly, we also find that our Teen Music Therapy program helps contribute to teens learning to see themselves positively and strengthening their sense of identity, which we believe is central to teens’ greater connectedness to themselves and to their overall quality of life.