Teen Mood Disorder Treatment

A Mood Disorder is a category of mental illnesses that significantly affect teens’ moods. Some of the most common Teen Mood Disorders include Teen Depression, Teen Bipolar Disorder, Teen Dysthymia, and Teen Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder. While all teens experience some fluctuation of mood, and different contextual highs and lows, the sadness related to Teen Mood Disorders is more extreme and also more continual, and the symptoms can progress to become debilitating. Because the symptoms of Teen Mood Disorders usually grow more severe over time, they can be quite dangerous, causing teens to experience thoughts of severe hopelessness, thoughts of self-harm, or even suicide. Teens struggling with a Mood Disorder are also more likely to develop a Teen Anxiety disorder. This is why early detection and treatment is so important, so that teens aren’t struggling alone with such big challenges and to ensure that they are physically and mentally safe.

Teen Mood Disorder Treatment

Some of the specific symptoms that often characterize Teen Mood Disorders include, but are not limited to: persistent feelings of sadness, often with no known cause; persistent fatigue; a sense of apathy and/or hopelessness; inability to concentrate; indecisiveness; moodiness; behavior of isolating themselves; and sudden change in weight and/or appetite.

There’s no single known cause for Teen Mood Disorders, though we do know that chemical imbalance in the brain is almost always present, sometimes along with additional factors such as chronic stress and/or a traumatic event, while teens can also be genetically disposed. While Teen Mood Disorders are increasingly common, they’re also difficult to diagnose, and researchers believe that they’re the most underdiagnosed mental health conditions, in teens. At least one of the reasons for this is the tendency for teens to go extreme amounts of time before speaking honestly about what they’re feeling and/or asking for help; sadly, about 70% of teens will experience symptoms for about 8-10 years before receiving professional treatment.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Mood Disorder Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide residential treatment for Teen Mood Disorders. We work with young people to help them to gain relief from symptoms, by helping them to address the deeper emotional stressors present in their lives. In order to do this, we work with teens in a number of different therapeutic contexts, including daily individual therapy sessions, and numerous other daily group therapy sessions. Because each Teen Mood Disorder treatment plan is designed according to the individual teen and not the diagnosis, treatment may or may not include any number of our different support programs and options, including things such as: Teen Meditation, Teen Equine Therapy, Teen Yoga Therapy, Teen Drama Therapy, and Teen Recreational Therapy. In some instances, it can also be helpful to prescribe medication, to help alleviate teens’ symptoms, especially if it helps them to be more capable of engaging in a meaningful treatment process. Simultaneously, we provide an abundance of supplemental support programs to help teens meet their individual needs and goals, including things such as nutrition planning, academic support, sibling support, and more. The goal in providing Teen Mood Disorder Treatment in this way is teens will not only gain relief from sadness and learn healthy techniques to deal with stress, but will also grow and progress as people, in all areas of their lives.