Teen Meth Abuse Treatment


Methamphetamine (commonly known as Meth) is a strong illegal stimulant drug which most often comes in an odorless white powder form and us usually either smoked, injected, or snorted. One of the most serious dangers of meth and focuses of Teen Meth Abuse Treatment is that it produces its high by acting directly on teens’ central nervous systems. The high associated with Meth is similar to that of Cocaine and is characterized by a sense of euphoria, which is caused by the drug creating a surge of dopamine in the brain, which is the neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness, pleasure, and reward.

Teen Meth Abuse Treatment

Because Meth acts on the nervous system directly, this is a serious risk for teens, whose brains are still developing. Moreover, it’s easy for teens’ brains to quickly become dependent upon the substance, causing addiction and also making teens extremely vulnerable to overdose. As with most drugs, the risks and negative effects of Teen Meth Abuse continue to increase over repeated use. Some of the negative symptoms associated with Teen Meth Abuse include but are not limited to: increased heart rate and blood pressure; nose bleeds; insomnia, increased agitation; confusion; decreased appetite; weight loss; aggressive behavior; and psychotic symptoms.


Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Meth Abuse Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide adolescent residential treatment for teens ages 13-17, in comfortable, house-like settings. Our Teen Meth Abuse Treatment programs do not adhere to a specific curriculum, but are all designed according to the individual teens’ unique needs, symptoms, goals, and strengths. In order to design the Teen meth Abuse Treatment plan, teens undergo a thorough diagnostic assessment within 48 hours of admission, which assesses their emotional, mental, physical, social, relational, and academic health. To this end, our Teen Meth Abuse Treatment Programs are designed not just to help teens to overcome their meth abuse behaviors, but to improve the health and well-being of all areas of their lives.

As part of our Teen Meth Abuse Treatment plans, teens have individual teen treatment sessions every day with a lead therapist. During these sessions, therapists help teens to explore and process all aspects of their current struggles, especially including the underlying emotional stressors which may be at the root of their current meth use. Teens also participate in numerous daily group therapy sessions, which provide an array of opportunities for them to engage with their therapeutic goals and processes, in different ways. These programs include things such as Teen Art Therapy, Teen Recreational Therapy, Teen Yoga Therapy, Teen Equine Therapy, and more. Lastly, our Teen Meth Abuse Treatment programs also include a number of supplemental support programs, which have been designed to address teens’ current needs. These things include our Academic Support Services; Sibling Support Services; individual and multi-group family therapy sessions; Nutritional Counseling; Young Athletes Program, and more. By supporting teens thoroughly and precisely in all areas of their lives, the goal of our Teen Meth Abuse Treatment Programs is to improve the overall health and well-being of teens’ lives.