Introverted Teen Treatment

pmiy-howtocareforintrovertsAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we understand that every teen is different and that treatment should be designed to reflect, honor, and address these differences. While this may seem to be common protocol among treatment providers, the unfortunate truth is a great number of providers continue to provide unsuccessful treatment based merely upon broad symptoms and behaviors. The result is that teens not only don’t get help they need addressing their deeper core needs, but the failed treatment attempts can actually leave them feeling more discouraged and hopeless than before. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, each treatment plan is designed individually, taking into consideration all different aspects of the teen’s interests, goals, personality, needs, and struggles. To meet the specific needs of Introverted Teens in Treatment, we’ve designed a special support program.

By definition, an introverted teen is characterized by someone who gains energy from being alone, rather than with people. Because the residential treatment setting is social, there can be inherent challenges for introverted teens, and this can make it difficult for them to open up and engage in their own treatment process. To this end, our therapists make concerted efforts to address the unique needs of introverted teens, so that the environment at paradigm is one where they feel safe, accepted, and comfortable.

Very often, merely the acknowledgement and respect of introverted qualities is very appreciated by teens. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, all of our teen treatment team members value introverted teens as they are and will never try to force them to engage differently or to be more extroverted, for sake of the group. We also balance our group therapy sessions, which can be more challenging for introverted teens, with daily individual therapy time, as well as opportunities for solitude. Our therapists are also sensitive to helping introverted teens to have structured time, to understand what’s expected of them, and to connect with them often, in smaller or individual settings, where they may feel more free to be honest about how they’re doing. By providing these regular check-ins and structural points, introverted teens are better able to feel comfortable and engage, during their time here.

During group therapy sessions, our therapists are uniquely skilled at helping to create and foster a respectful therapeutic environment where introverted teens aren’t talked over, ignored, or pressured in any way. By providing these kinds of intentional support, introverted teens often are able to greatly enjoy and benefit from our group therapy sessions, and can even improve their ability to feel comfortable in these settings.

Beyond the specific aspects of our Introverted Teen Treatment program, every aspect of our teen treatment programs is designed individually, tailored to teens’ unique experiences. We find that this careful, individualized approach is hugely beneficial and successful for all teens, but especially introverted teens, who may be more easily looked over or left out in other treatment settings. Another central aspect of our ability to provide this level of quality of individualized care is our commitment to a low house population as well as the highest staff-to-teen ratio of any teen treatment center in the country. This is our consistent commitments to teens at Paradigm, as we strive to be the very best at providing meaningful care for young people and families.