Extroverted Teen Treatment

how-to-care-for-extroverts-1024x1024At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we strongly believe that successful teen treatment requires treatment plans that are as unique and specialized as the young people themselves. Just as teens have a wide range of habits, tendencies, strengths, interests, and struggles, our experience has shown us that teen treatment plans must respect and incorporate these differences. In teen treatment facilities where providers simply offer therapy according to symptoms and behaviors, not only is the treatment unsuccessful but can actually be harmful to teens, during their time of need. In order to meet the unique needs of Extroverted Teens, we’ve designed an Extroverted Teen Treatment program, here at Paradigm Treatment Centers.

There are a number of reasons why incorporating specific accommodations and efforts for extroverted teens in treatment can greatly further their efforts and time in treatment. One of the defining characteristics of extroverted teens is they thrive in group environments. Therefore, our group therapy sessions are a wonderful opportunity for these teens’ extroverted personalities to be embraced and supported, by therapists. For instance, extroverted teens strongly benefit from praise in front of others. They also enjoy engaging with others in conversations and bring enthusiasm to subject matters and discussion. All of these attributes make group therapy a great opportunity for therapists to help teens feel encouraged and refreshed, while also using extroverted teens’ strength to the benefit of the entire group. In this way, therapists can allow extroverted teens tendencies to organically support the engagement and health of the larger group.

Another defining characteristic of extroverted teens is it’s very important for them to have a sense of independence that is honored by others. In the treatment context therefore, it’s important for teens to feel that they have choices and that their voices are heard, in the process of designing and implementing treatment. If extroverted teens feel that they are being forced to do things, they may become resistant to the treatment work they’re doing, which will set them back in their goals. Therefore, our treatment teams always make sure to communicate to extroverted teens especially that we believe ultimately, they are the only ones responsible for their own health, recovery, and well-being. Therefore, while we aim to provide motivation and support for them to do certain therapeutic work, ultimately it is their choice, and we respect their autonomy.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, one of the greatest parts of the work we do is getting to meet and spend time with so many different young people. It’s our strong belief that the vast majority of teens we work with are good kids who are currently facing very difficult challenges. Because this is our belief, we are respectful and humble in acknowledging that the best way for us to help young people is to find the approaches and styles that will most effectively allow them to engage in their own meaningful therapeutic process. The Extroverted Teen Treatment program we have at Paradigm Treatment Centers speaks to the underlining philosophy of providing holistic, individualized care, for every teen we work with at Paradigm.