Teen Mental Health Treatment

Teen Mental Health Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Mental Health Treatment program is based on an individual holistic approach, with the goal of addressing the well-being of the whole individual. In designing our Teen Mental Health Treatment plans, we draw upon the best combination of alternative and traditional therapeutic modalities, as well as a vast array of supplemental support programs, which address all different aspects of teens’ lives and goals. During Teen Mental health Treatment, teens receive individual therapy sessions every day, as well as a number of other group sessions and activities, which are implemented in accordance to teens’ individual needs, interests, strengths, symptoms, and current struggles. Our goal in working with young people is not simply to change problematic behaviors or alleviate symptoms, but also to help teens grow and develop in ways that allow them to navigate the stressors and joys of their lives in healthy, sustainable ways, moving forward.

Individualized Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we have over 15 years providing treatment to young people for mental health and substance abuse conditions. Our experience has shown us that a treatment plan can only be as successful as the diagnosis upon which it is based. To this end, each teen receives a thorough diagnostic interview within 48 hours of admission, which includes a psychiatric evaluation in addition to assessments to determine teens’ physical, mental, emotional, academic, and relational health. We use this combination of assessments to design each teen’s treatment plan, which is why every treatment plan at Paradigm Treatment Centers is different. With that said, there are some aspects of Paradigm treatment that are consistent, among all treatment plans.

The cornerstone of Paradigm Treatment Center Teen Mental Health Treatment is that all teens receive one-on-one therapy sessions, every day. These sessions take place with the teens’ lead therapists and make up the foundational environment in which teens explore the deeper and complex emotional layers of their current experience. One of our commitments in working with young people is to ensure that we support them to address their current struggles in the most holistic manner possible. This means our therapists help teens to identify things such as problematic thought patterns that have developed, which may aggravate their mental health symptoms; false belief systems, which may be connected to their low mood and/or stress; and stressors in their lives which may need additional support, to help teens succeed. The consistent and intensive nature of these sessions not only serves to help teens stay on track and engaged but also allows them to grow in substantial and sustainable ways as people, during their time here.

In addition to these individual sessions, teens also have multiple group therapy sessions and therapeutic activities every day, determined according to teens’ needs, interests, strengths, and goals. In this regard, we pride ourselves in having one of the largest selection of therapeutic options available, including things such as Teen Equine Therapy, Teen Art Therapy, Teen Dance Therapy, Teen Narrative Therapy, Teen Music Therapy, and many more. Our experience has shown that providing teens with this wide array of opportunities results in a much higher rate of success for teens to engage meaningfully and consistently, throughout every day of the treatment process. Lastly, we also provide a number of supplemental support programs to address specific struggles in teens’ lives, including academic needs, nutritional goals, athletic goals, and more.

Parent Support

As part of our Teen Mental Health Treatment program, we provide numerous Parent Support Services. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our philosophy is that teen treatment is family treatment and as such, we’re committed to providing whatever support, knowledge, and insight which proves helpful to the well-being of the family unit. For all teens in Teen Mental Health Treatment programs, we work with parents in individual and multi-family group sessions. We also provide Parent Effectiveness Training, as well as educational courses, designed to educate parents about mental illnesses and the treatment process. Lastly, we also provide free ongoing after-care services for all families at Paradigm Treatment Centers.

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