Teen Marijuana Abuse Treatment

Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug among teens in the U.S. It’s believed that at least one reasons for the increased use in recent years is related to a casual attitude toward the drug among the public, which causes teens to drastically underestimate the risks associated with it. This is likely at least partly due to legalization in different states. It’s common for teens to view marijuana as a drug that’s safe and common for recreational use, and have virtually no knowledge of what debilitating effects it can have on their lives. Teen Marijuana Abuse Treatment can turn these deadly affects around.

Teen Marijuana Abuse Treatment

There are a number of reasons why Teen Marijuana Abuse is a serious condition and why the drug has much higher negative risks on teens than on adults. First of all, marijuana works by directly affecting brain receptors which are associated with pleasure, memory, and development. Because of this, in some cases of Teen Marijuana Abuse, after repeated use the drug can harm teens’ memory and can also disrupt healthy development, especially since teen brains are still developing. This is one of the most dangerous risks of teens using the drug.

Another risk of Teen Marijuana Abuse is especially over time, teens can become extremely dependent upon it for daily functioning and it will cause them to become apathetic and somewhat numb toward many things in their lives. This overall apathy and laziness can lead to an overall sense of disengagement and can cause considerable harm in teens’ lives, including their responsibilities at school as well as their relationships.

Lastly, Teen Marijuana Abuse is especially harmful for teens that are already experiencing symptoms related to a mental illness. Many teens might turn to marijuana in order to gain relief from the sadness or anxiety they’re feeling but unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for marijuana to actually aggravate these symptoms, rather than alleviate them. This can cause an unfortunate cause-and-effect cycle where teens use marijuana in order to gain relief from anxiety and depression, which only causes those feelings to become more severe. This can cause teens to feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Marijuana Abuse Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Marijuana Abuse Treatment plans are designed to address all aspects of teens’ abuse, including physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects. First and foremost, we want to support teens as they detox from the substance and provide support and oversight, throughout any challenges they might face. At the same time, we work with teens to help them address their experience and to process the deeper underlying emotional challenges and struggles which may have led to the marijuana use in the first place. This includes any current thought patterns, false belief systems, and/or forms of stress that may be connected in some way to their drug use. It is integral to help teens identify the connections between their behaviors and the underlying thoughts and feelings, in order to help them recognize the importance of recovery and change. Lastly, in our Teen Marijuana Treatment programs, we also provide multiple different support programs to help address teens’ current needs and goals. This includes any struggles or help teens might need in school, in relationships, with family members, social situations, and more.