Teen Internet Addiction Treatment

Teen Internet Addiction refers to a Behavioral Condition in which teens are obsessed with internet-based behaviors, and these behaviors create negative effects in teens’ lives. While most people and teens today use the internet every day, as it’s become an integral part of society, in cases of Teen Internet Addiction, the behaviors are so extreme that they harm other areas of teens’ lives and prevent teens from being able to function healthily.

Teen Internet Addiction Treatment

Teen Internet Addiction is commonly linked to other struggles teens are experiencing, such as Teen Depression, Teen Anxiety, and/or Teen Social issues. In cases of a Teen Mental Health condition, teens might be experiencing challenging symptoms and in order to try to escape from these feelings, spend increasing time detached, in the online world. While this kind of retreat may initially provide teens with some relief and even enjoyment, when it becomes an addiction, teens are at the whim of the behaviors, and now not only suffering from the mental health symptoms, but also from the tension with these addictive internet behaviors create. For this reason, it’s extremely important for teens with Teen Internet Addiction to always be examined for Co-Occurring Disorders, so that important underlying causes and issues are not overlooked and teens actually get the help and relief they really need.

It’s worth noting that Teen Internet Addiction often looks different, according to the teen, and therefore, the harm it causes in lives may vary. However, some of the common negative effects Teen Internet Addiction has includes things such as teens withdrawing from friends and loved ones; spending increasing amounts of time alone; becoming apathetic and/or detached from responsibilities and commitments; being agitated or annoyed; and struggling in school. One of the greatest frustrations and challenges for teens and families dealing with Teen Internet Addiction is that even if teens are aware and sincere about the efforts they must make to change, they are nonetheless unable to do so.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Internet Addiction Treatment
At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide residential treatment for Teen Substance Addiction disorders as well as Teen Behavioral Addictions, such as Teen Internet Addiction Treatment. All of our Teen Internet Addiction Treatment plans are designed individually, based on a thorough assessment of teens’ current needs and goals, including those pertaining to their mental, emotional, physical, social, and academic health and well-being. We also pay thorough care and attention toward diagnosis of Co-Occurring Disorders, such as when teens are also struggling with an underlying mental health condition.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we approach all of our Teen Internet Addiction Treatment plans from a holistic standpoint, aiming to help teens successfully overcome their internet addiction, by addressing the deeper emotional needs and stressors, which have led to this behavior. We provide daily individual and group therapy sessions, in which our therapists support teens to process these deeper aspects of their behaviors, including things such as what kinds of false beliefs or problematic thought patterns have led to, and/or intensified, their internet use to this degree. As part of our Teen Internet Addiction Treatment, all teens also have access to our full extent of support programs, such as academic services, social support services, nutrition counseling, and stress-reduction technique classes. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, the goal is that upon returning home from their Teen Internet Addiction Treatment programs, teens will be stronger, more aware, and better equipped to successfully navigate their challenges in their lives.