Teen Insight Oriented Therapy

Teen Insight Oriented TherapyAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, our treatment program incorporates the best combination of modalities and approaches in order to meet each teens’ unique needs, in precise and holistic ways. One of the approaches we incorporate is Teen Insight Oriented Therapy, which is based on the belief that supporting teens to gain insight into themselves (including their thoughts, feelings, belief systems, and desires) will allow them to experience profound healing, and opportunity for positive change. The premise of this therapy essentially assumes that the better teens know themselves, the better they will be able to receive and take actions toward their well-being and opportunity to live their best lives. Teen Insight Oriented Therapy is derived from Freud’s psychoanalysis, and similar to Psycho-Dynamic Therapy.

Teen Psycho-Dynamic Therapy is not only a useful clinical approach, but aligns perfectly with Paradigm’s greater treatment goal, of supporting teens to uncover the deeper underlying mental and emotional causes of their current struggles. We believe this is essential to ensuring that teens are able to benefit from treatment in meaningful ways that they are motivated to sustain, upon returning to their lives.

While this approach may seem like the norm, in many teen treatment facilities, it is still unfortunately very common for providers to simply offer a generic, symptom-based treatment plan that aims to provide temporary relief and curb negative behaviors. The result is that even if teens experience some improvement while in treatment, they leave only to find that the core of their real needs and struggles have been unanswered and unaddressed, leaving them vulnerable to relapse and further difficulty.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we support teens to explore their inner motivations, thoughts, and feelings, so that together, we can help them work through the real triggers underlying their current experience. It’s important to understand that some of these sources of tension or patterns may be completely unconscious to the teens, and therefore, may take considerable intention and effort, to uncover. Especially in cases such as childhood trauma, certain reactions and stressors can become deeply imbedded in a teens’ psyche, and can have prominent effects on the teens’ lives, even despite being unknown. Teen Insight Oriented Therapy is a great approach to helping teens explore this deeper unknown territory, so they can gain information about themselves which will empower them to be more in control of their own experience.