Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse Treatment

Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse TreatmentOverview:

Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse refers to teens ingesting chemical products, by huffing or inhaling them, in order to experience a high characterized by psychoactive effects. While the high usually only lasts a short time, it can be potent, and teens often will huff the drugs in repetition, in order to experience a prolonged effect. The products used with Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse aren’t meant to be consumed by humans whatsoever and usually are household items such as spray paint, gasoline, shoe polish, cleaning products, or glue. Teens consume the products by snorting fumes, spraying directly into their nose, or sometimes soaking a rag and inhaling that way.

The effects of Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse are usually similar to alcohol and likewise, depress teens’ central nervous systems. While some of the symptoms are consistent, one of the dangers of Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse is because teens are ingesting substances with a wide variety of chemicals, none of which are safe for consumption, this makes teens obviously extremely vulnerable to suffering severe negative unintended effects. With this said, some of the common symptoms related to Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse include: dizziness, slurred speech, lack of coordination, delusions, hallucinations, lack of inhibition, tendency toward risky behavior, and drowsiness. In some instances, Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse can also cause increased and/or irregular heartbeat, hearing loss, limb spasms, vomiting and nausea, brain damage, and even death.

Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse is one of the only forms of substance abuse most often practiced by younger teens.


Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide residential Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse Treatment for teens, ages 13-17. All of our Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse Treatment plans are designed individually, in accordance with teens’ unique needs and circumstances. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we take a holistic approach to all of our treatment programs, and design our Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse Treatment plans to support teens’ overall health and well-being. Therefore, while supporting teens to achieve lasting sobriety, our therapists work with teens to process the more underlying emotional aspects of their drug use. For instance, we believe it’s extremely important for teens to explore what kind of stressors, thought patterns, relationship dynamics, and/or unhealthy belief systems may be contributing to their drug use. This is essential in ensuring teens sustain sobriety. One of the primary reasons we’re able to do this kind of deeper, introspective work is all teens receive individual therapy sessions every day, while in treatment.

Our Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse Treatment plans also incorporate a number of direct support programs, designed to help teens in specific areas of their lives. While the groups and sessions teens participate in may differ, some of the options we provide include things such as: academic tutoring, nutritional guidance, physical training, sibling support services, family group therapy, athletic training and coaching, Teen Art Therapy, Teen Equine Therapy, Teen Meditation Therapy, and more. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we are committed to providing a Teen Huffing/Inhalant Abuse Treatment experience that supports teens to do more than change behaviors, but to grow and heal as people, in meaningful ways.