Teen Heroin Abuse Treatment

Teen Heroin Abuse is a very serious condition that requires professional treatment, as early as possible, in order to ensure teens’ mental and physical safety. Heroin is a highly addictive, potent Opioid drug that is derived from Morphine and is most often injected, snorted, or smoked. One of the reasons Teen Heroin Abuse Treatment is so important is teens can become addicted to heroin after even one use. Furthermore, teens’ bodies quickly become tolerant of the drug, requiring them to take increasing amounts of it, in order to experience the same high. Because of this, teens are extremely vulnerable to overdose.

Teen Heroin Abuse Treatment

Heroin produces a euphoric, energetic high by directly targeting brain receptors that are associated with pain as well as pleasure and reward. These receptors are in the same area of the brain as those which control the body’s automatic functions, such as breathing and blood pressure, which is why many cases of fatal overdose are due to suppression of breath. Because heroin acts on the brain directly, this causes teens’ brains to quickly become dependent on it, as the substance actually alters the functioning the brain. Not only is this dangerous because of potential addiction and overdose, but since teens’ brains and still developing, Teen Heroin Abuse can cause long-term harm to teens developmental functioning. Some of the other negative health risks associated with Teen Heroin Abuse include: heart infection, spontaneous abortion, liver damage, kidney damage, pulmonary complications and/or heart attack, and collapsed veins.

Beyond the symptoms associated with heroin use, one of the reasons Teen Heroin Abuse Treatment is so important is to support teens as they discontinue use of the substance. Generally speaking, it’s not safe for teens to stop use of Heroin without professional assistance, since the brain quickly becomes dependent upon the substance in order to function. This is why our Teen heroin Abuse Treatment programs provide oversight and care throughout the detox process, to ensure teens’ physical and mental well-being throughout this time.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Heroin Abuse Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Heroin Abuse Treatment programs are designed to help teens achieve meaningful and sustainable recovery, while also becoming stronger, more aware, and better equipped to navigate challenges in their lives. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we believe that in order to help teens successfully achieve and sustain recovery from heroin, we must help them to process their drug use and addiction at deeper emotional levels, rather than just the behaviors themselves. In order to do this, our therapists work with teens to help them identify the underlying emotional stressors and triggers which may be either consciously or unconsciously contributing to their drug use. This includes things such as relational stressors, environmental factors, false belief systems, and/or harmful thought patterns that are present. In this sense, we want to help teens look closely at the nature of their drug use, as well as what kinds of potential underlying emotional struggles they might be wrestling with, which have gone virtually unaddressed, until now.

It’s worth noting that this kind of deeper, thorough therapeutic work is only possible because of our treatment approach, which includes individual treatment design, for every teen that comes here. All of our Teen Heroin Abuse Treatment programs also include individual therapy sessions every day, with teens’ lead therapists. In addition to these sessions, teens also benefit from multiple group sessions and activities with other teens, in which teens are able to continue processing their experiences and struggles. Lastly, our Teen Heroin Abuse Treatment programs also provide a number of direct support services, including those to help address all of teens’ current physical, mental, emotional, academic, and social health needs. By supporting young people thoroughly in all aspects of their lives, the goal of our Teen Heroin Abuse Treatment programs is that they not only leave here sober from heroin, but equipped to live their healthiest, happiest, and most empowered lives.