Teen Group Therapy

Teen Group TherapyOur treatment philosophy at Paradigm Treatment Centers is that the most successful adolescent treatment draws upon the best combination of traditional and alternative modalities, in order to create the most precise and individualize care possible. To this end, we design every teen treatment plan individually and include daily individual and group therapy sessions. Our Group Therapy sessions include a wide range of styles and approaches, which provide numerous opportunities for engage in meaningful therapeutic work, in order to make each day in treatment as valuable as possible.

One of the important aspects of teen treatment is to maintain a flexibility and creativity in design that allows for teens’ personalities, desires, goals, tendencies, and strengths to emerge. This not only helps to maintain an energy and engagement throughout the entire treatment process, but also helps to motivate teens to continue doing the important, difficult work that they’re here for. In our Group Therapy sessions, we offer teens a wide array of unique therapeutic experiences, including things such as Teen Drama Therapy, Teen Art Therapy, Teen Equine Therapy, Teen Yoga Therapy, Teen Recreational Therapy, and more.

Another inherent benefit of providing Teen Group Therapy sessions is to use the strong power of peer influence to benefit teens’ time here in treatment. This serves to strengthen and protect the health of our therapeutic environment, as well as serving to encourage, inspire, motivate, and challenge teens to achieve and sustain their treatment goals. The power of peer relationships during adolescence is poignant and yet, for many teens struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse conditions, feeling lonely and isolated is a leading negative factor in their lives. This is often because teens have felt considerable shame about their struggles, and have felt too afraid to be honest with their peers about what’s happening. During our Teen Group Therapy, teens get to benefit from being in a safe, supportive peer environment where they can begin to re-learn to speak openly and honestly; where they can feel heard, understood, and accepted; where they can receive encouragement from peers; and where they can experience the deep healing that comes from understanding they are not alone.

At the same time, the benefit of these peer relationships works in both ways: it’s also extremely beneficial for teens to motivate each other. Very often, teens can see potential and strength in others that they overlook in themselves, and so by encouraging others to reach their goals, they too are motivated to do the same. This sort of mutual edification becomes one of the most wonderful aspects of the Paradigm community and one of the greatest benefits of our Teen Group Therapy program.

Lastly, our Teen Group Therapy program provides a wonderful supplement to our individual therapy sessions. The insights, discoveries, and connections teens make during their individual sessions can be practiced in group therapy on a daily basis, helping teens to make the practical connections between their own health and their relational and social health. The result is our Teen Group Therapy program is always one of the most enjoyed, valued, and meaningful time during Paradigm treatment and responsible for improving young people’s lives in significant ways.