Teen General Anxiety Disorder Treatment


Teen General Anxiety Disorder is an anxiety disorder in which teens experience almost constant excessive worry on a daily level and to such a severity that it disrupts their lives. With Teen General Anxiety Disorder, teens often have unrealistic fears but experience them severely, and this contributes to a negative, hopeless outlook in which they assume the worst will happen, whether it be with regard to health, a loved one, school, a friendship, or something else. One of the biggest challenges of Teen General Anxiety Disorder Treatment is teens will continue to be overcome with these fears and worry, even despite their illogical nature. It’s important to understand that along these lines, when young people are struggling with General Anxiety Disorder, it’s not just a matter of teens making a decision to stop worrying or cheer up; instead, they need professional help in order to feel better. As with so many mental health conditions and especially anxiety disorders, the anxiety usually grows more severe over time, so the earlier teens get help, the better.
Teen General Anxiety Disorder often progresses over time and can begin as what might feel like just a sense of nervousness or worrying, with regard to a particular thing. Over time, the anxiety can start to affect and/or color almost all of teens’ thoughts and feelings, which causes them considerable stress.

There are both physical and emotional symptoms associated with Teen General Anxiety Disorder. They include but are not limited to: increased heart rate; headaches; insomnia; inability to concentrate; indecision; persistent fatigue; stomach aches and nausea; nightmares; inability to relax; and in ability to enjoy once-liked activities. Understandably, these symptoms can make it difficult, if not impossible, for teens to function well in school, their responsibilities, and in relationships. For this reason, it’s common for teens to withdraw from others and from social situations.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen General Anxiety Disorder Treatment:

It’s important to recognize that it’s very common for teens to not know they have an anxiety disorder, or to undermine what they’re feeling. This can happen for a number of reasons, including that teens are often afraid of what they’re experiencing and so, it can be scary to talk about it openly and be seen by others. Along the same lines, statistics show the extreme majority of adolescents suffer from symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder far longer than they should, before ever admitting what’s happening and/or asking for help. With that said, we always recommend that people speak honestly and openly with teens as early as possible, and start a conversation that helps teens to feel supported.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we work with many young people struggling with General Anxiety Disorder. Our therapists work with teens every day in individual therapy sessions, as well as an array of other group therapy sessions and supplemental classes to support Teen General Anxiety Disorder Treatment. One of the focuses in individual therapy sessions is therapists work with teens to help them slow down their though processes and observe what thought patterns trigger and perpetuate their anxiety. By examining their thoughts more closely in this way, teens can gain insight into what cause-and-effect cycles are actually at play, and subsequently, how to make changes to stop those cycles. In behavioral therapy sessions, teens can practice new, healthy behaviors that will not just help them feel better but also help them to be more successful in their lives. Our therapists also work with teens to help them reduce and cope with stress, through practices such as meditation, yoga, and exercise and we have a number of other support programs, designed to assist teens in addressing all of teens’ current struggles and goals.

Teen General Anxiety Disorder Treatment