Teen Gaming Addiction Treatment

Teen Gaming Addiction is a behavioral disorder in which teens compulsively spend so much time playing video games and/or thinking about them that it causes negative effects in their lives. While many teens spend considerable amounts of time online and playing games, Teen Gaming Addiction refers to a severe and nearly constant preoccupation of gaming that overwhelms just about all other areas of teens’ lives. Because these behaviors become compulsive, teens are unable to change or stop their gaming, even if and when they’re aware of the harm the behavior is causing. The most common games associated with Teen Gaming Addiction include either Role Playing Games or Multi-Player games, which are highly intense, competitive, and interactive.

Teen Gaming Addiction Treatment

Teen Gaming Addiction develops for a number of reasons. It’s especially common for it to be present as a Co-Occurring Disorder, such as when teens are also struggling with a Mental Health Conditions, such as Teen Anxiety or Teen Depression. In these instances, teens often spend increasing amounts of time in the video game space, as an attempt to avoid and/or hide from the difficult symptoms they’re experiencing. Unfortunately, especially once the behaviors increase and become compulsive, the gaming actually ends up agitating and complicating the mental health symptoms instead.

There are a number of ways which Teen Gaming Addiction negatively affects teens’ lives. It’s common, first of all, for teens to spend more and more time in the games alone, which leads to them withdrawing from friends and loved ones, as they prefer to isolate themselves instead. Teen Gaming Addiction also often leads to teens experiencing academic problems, as they’re unable to give the time and attention necessary to follow through on responsibilities, maintain concentration, and engage in other activities.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Gaming Addiction Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide holistic Teen Gaming Addiction Treatment in a residential setting. We design each Teen Gaming Addiction Treatment plan individually, upon a combination of thorough diagnostics, which take place within the first 48 hours of teens being admitted, and which assess teens’ emotional, physical, academic, social, and behavioral needs. In this sense, our Teen Gaming Addiction Treatment plans are truly holistic, and are designed to do more much than address just the behaviors, but also the underlying emotional struggles and stressors that are contributing to the teens’ current challenges. By supporting teens to do this kind of deeper introspective therapeutic work, teens are able not only to overcome Gaming Addiction, but to develop and grow in numerous areas of their lives.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Gaming Addiction Treatment programs include daily individual therapy sessions, multiple group therapy sessions and activities, and an array of support services. We also offer the largest selection of Expressive Arts Therapy programs of any facility in the nation, including things such as Teen Art Therapy, Teen Narrative Therapy, Teen Music Therapy, and Teen Dance Therapy.