Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder Treatment

Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder treatmentTeen Gambling Addiction Disorder is a behavioral disorder in which teens compulsively participate in gambling activities, such as playing poker, online betting games, buying lottery tickets, and/or betting on sports games, to a degree and frequency that causes negative effects in their lives. One of the defining characteristics of Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder is that even once teens recognize the harm the gambling is causing in their lives, they are still unable to stop themselves and/or change their behaviors on their own.

With teen behavioral disorder such as Teen Gambling Addiction, even when teens are not directly participating in gambling activities, they are nearly constantly thinking about or preoccupied by it. Therefore, teens are constantly talking about gambling, making plans of how to gamble, bragging about gambling, and/or trying to find ways to gamble more (such as finding money or new opportunities.) Over time, these addictive gambling behaviors lead to teens taking more and more serious risks, which often causes them to lose money, take on serious risk in the hopes of winning money back, hiding and/or lying about their gambling behaviors, and/or sacrificing the quality of other areas of their lives, which all come second to gambling.

As a result of this, teens suffering from Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder often experience hardships and stress in numerous areas of their lives, including their family relationships, their academic performance, their friendships, and their other responsibilities. Over time, the combined stress of this can lead to negative effects on teens’ physical and emotional health as well. Notably, it’s not uncommon for Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder to be present as a Co-Occurring Disorder, along with conditions such as Teen Anxiety, Teen Depression, Teen Bipolar Disorder, and Teen Autism.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide holistic residential treatment for teens suffering from a wide range of mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral health conditions, including Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder Treatment. As with all of our teen treatment plans, we design each treatment plan individually, taking into consideration not just the problematic behaviors, but all aspects of teens’ current health, challenges, stressors, physical factors, and relationships. All teens receive thorough diagnostic interviews within 48 hours of admission, which become the basis for a precise, thorough, holistic treatment plan to be created.

For our Teen Gambling Addiction Disorder Treatment plans, we want to help teens to gain insight into their behaviors, so they can gradually build distance from and regain power over their own actions. At the same time, we want to help teens become aware of what sorts of underlying stressors or triggers may be present, that have contribute to and/or exacerbated their addictive behaviors. In order to achieve this individualized and thorough level of care, all teens receive daily individual therapy sessions, as well as numerous other daily group therapy activities and sessions. The goal is by working with teens and helping them grow and heal in all areas of their lives, they will not only overcome gambling addiction, but will become stronger and healthier people, overall.