Teen Expressive Arts Therapies

Teen Expressive Arts TherapiesAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, our treatment approach involves combining the best traditional and alternative therapy techniques, in order to most precisely meet the needs of each unique teen that comes to us. To this end, we provide an extensive selection of therapeutic programs and offerings, including our selection of Teen Expressive Arts Therapies, which include: Teen Music Therapy, Teen Drama Therapy, Teen Art Therapy, Teen Cinema Therapy, Teen Dance/Movement Therapy, Teen written/Narrative Therapy, and Teen Biblio Therapy. All of our Teen Expressive Arts Therapy programs are facilitated by highly skilled, Master’s level therapists who also have undergone extensive certification in their respective field.

Expressive Arts Therapies have been proven to be a useful modality in treating a number of different mental health and substance abuse conditions, including things such as Teen Anxiety, Teen Depression, Teen Trauma, Teen Bipolar Disorder, Teen Eating Disorder, and more. One of the primary goals of Teen Expressive Arts Therapies is to provide creative, alternative ways for teens to engage in effective self-reflection and to gain access to themselves which will support teens’ current treatment work. We’ve found this approach to be extremely valuable both in the enjoyment they provide to teens, as well as the rich therapeutic work that they foster, as teens often are better able to relax and engage authentically in the creative treatment process, without some of the natural defenses or hesitations that sometimes can arise in more talk therapy-based sessions. Furthermore, teens are able to benefit from the experiences of what are often new experiences within these sessions, which continues to invest in the positive and healthy aspects of their lives.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Expressive Arts Therapies are offered in conjunction with more traditional therapy approaches, such as talk therapy and behavioral therapy strategies. While teens’ daily individual therapy sessions are a cornerstone of the Paradigm Treatment Centers treatment, we find the Expressive Arts Therapies to be extremely helpful in providing creative, organic ways for teens to explore their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and beliefs, in a manner that feels free of pressure or expectation. It’s not uncommon for teens to feel more comfortable reflecting more deeply in these sessions than in more direct, talk-therapy sessions, simply because the nature of the creative methods is so nurturing of this kind of introspection. In this way, our Teen Expressive Arts Therapies provide wonderful opportunities to gain valuable insights into themselves and their current experiences, which can then be used to further the work of teens’ larger treatment goals. Our Teen Expressive Arts therapists coordinate efforts, information, and care with the rest of the treatment team, so that all efforts and time is contributing toward supporting teens’ overall success, in their treatment time. In this sense, all the different aspects of teen treatment plans at Paradigm Treatment Centers are coordinated, and therefore their results are that much more powerful.

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