Teen Drama Therapy

Teen Drama TherapyAt Paradigm Treatment Centers, we draw upon numerous treatment approaches and modalities, in an effort to design the most precise, individualized treatment possible. We design treatment plans according to a number of considerations, including teens’ natural tendencies, inclination toward introversion or extroversion, skills, interests, and strengths. In an effort to meet the wide range of unique needs of teens, we offer an extensive selection of treatment approaches and modalities, including the largest Expressive Arts Therapy programs of any teen treatment facility in the country, which includes our Teen Drama Therapy program. Teen Drama Therapy is a creative and fun form of therapy that can be incredibly effective in helping teens to tap into, and express, unconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. More specifically, we find that often Teen Drama Therapy can help teens to engage more deeply and more freely with difficult subject matter than in more traditional, talk therapy-based sessions.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, all of our Teen Drama Therapists are licensed and educated professional clinicians, with extensive training in adolescent therapy and theatre/drama. The therapists design dramatic activities for the group, which are essentially “pretend” scenarios in which the teens will play different roles. The therapists are incredibly skilled at creating an environment of meaningful “play.” Because the exercises are all “pretend,” teens don’t feel pressure about doing things right or well, but are able to simply let go and freely explore, express, act, and feel their way through the sessions.

Our skilled drama therapists are able to provide meaningful guidance that allows for these playful sessions to hold deep therapeutic value for the teens. Sometimes teens might even surprise themselves with the insights, discoveries, and/or breakthroughs that they make, when their guard is down and they’re not defending themselves against particular thoughts, feelings, or truths. Some of the specific ways in which we see Teen Drama Therapy benefit teens includes things such as: helping teens to identify problems, express feelings, practice communication skills, evaluate habits and patterns, recognize false beliefs, recognize thought patterns, and recognize relational dynamics as well as triggers. All of these experiences and discoveries are incredibly helpful for teens, especially as they can be incorporated into teens’ other therapy sessions, including their daily individual talk therapy sessions, with their lead therapists.

Our Teen Drama Therapy programs are incorporated holistically as one integral part of teens’ greater treatment plans. The team of therapists coordinate insights, efforts, and care, so that the effect is that each experience and day of therapy at Paradigm Treatment Centers is contributing and building toward the teens’ healing, health, and well-being.