Teen Dissociative Disorder Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide holistic residential treatment for teen mental health and substance abuse conditions, including trauma-related conditions. Teen Dissociative Disorder is a mental illness in which, following a traumatic event, there arises a disconnect between the brain and the teens’ thoughts, sense of identity, memory, and consciousness. These disconnects are formed as the brain’s effort to regain emotional stability and/or to gain relief from specific sources of stress and/or pain. However, while this avoidance may work as a coping mechanism in the short term, it can result in other difficulties for teens, if it goes untreated too long. In our Teen Dissociative Disorder Treatment programs, we work with teens to address both the traumatic event as well as the subsequent effects the trauma continues to cause, in their daily lives.


Teen Dissociative Disorder Treatment



The specific symptoms associated with Teen Dissociative Disorder vary according to the teen; however, some of the commonly experienced symptoms include: flashbacks, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, and panic attacks. Beyond this, it’s also common for teens to have difficulty concentrating in school, upholding responsibilities, and maintaining relationships. There are also subtypes of the disorder, categorized according to particular symptoms.

The first subtype of Teen Dissociative Disorder is Dissociative Fugue Disorder, which is characterized by teens becoming disconnected from their surroundings, and now knowing where they are or why. Another subtype is called Dissociative Identity Disorder, and is characterized by teens experiencing two or more personalities at once. This was formerly known as “Multiple Personality disorder” and the alternate identities may have differences such as age, gender, and background. And Depersonalization Disorder is a final subtype, characterized by teens experiencing an overall detachment from their lives, as if they are living in a dream-like state.

Paradigm Treatment Centers:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Dissociative Disorder Treatment plans are all designed individually, according to each teen’s specific needs and goals. The predominant aim of treatment is two-fold: to support teens to process the traumatic event in healthy, holistic ways, as well as to address and adapt behaviors resulting from the trauma, which may be causing tension in teens’ lives. To this end, our Teen Dissociative Disorder Treatment program extends to address multiple areas of teens’ lives, including their relationships with peers and family; their responsibilities such as school; and their personal development, sense of self-worth, and identity. Our treatment teams are uniquely qualified to provide Teen Dissociative Disorder Treatment for a number of reasons. First of all, our therapists are wonderfully skilled in creating a therapeutic environment in which teens feel safe, supported, and motivated to open up, share authentically, and do deep introspective work. While this is always rudimentary to successful teen treatment, it’s especially imperative in these cases, since teens have been avoiding deeply held trauma for some amount of time. Therefore, beginning to reflect and explore these sources of pain can be very scary and intimidating. However, what we find is that with the support and guidance of our therapists, teens often begin to feel quickly relieved and motivated, rather than overwhelmed, especially as they begin to experience relief and progress.

Our Teen Dissociative Disorder Treatment plans include a combination of individual and group therapy sessions, as well as numerous supplemental support programs, such as our Academic Services, Family Therapy, Parent Coaching, and more.