Teen Conversion Disorder Treatment

A Teen Conversion Disorder is a mental illness in which teens display physical symptoms as a result of psychological stress, caused from a traumatic event. Because of this, teens will display physical symptoms for which there is no known physical cause and which teens can’t control. Because of this, Teen Conversion Disorder can understandably be difficult to diagnose, which is why it’s important that treatment providers evaluate teens thoroughly for any previous traumatic event or severe psychological stress.

The condition is named Teen Conversion Disorder because of the nature of the brain converting mental stress into physical ailments. Often, the physical symptoms displayed with Teen Conversion Disorder consist of things related to the senses, such as: ability to walk, see, hear, stand, and balance, and the condition can also present hallucinations, convulsions, urinary problems, and tremors. Teen Conversion Disorder Treatment is needed to heal and help these teens recover from this.

Teen Conversion Disorder Treatment

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Conversion Disorder Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide holistic adolescent treatment for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse conditions, including Teen Conversion Disorder. We specialize in providing an extremely thorough diagnostic and treatment process, which is especially important in instances of Teen Conversion Disorder, to ensure that teens are actually treated for the psychological struggles that are creating symptoms.

In our treatment for Teen Conversion Disorder, we work with teens to uncover and process the full nature of the psychological trigger, which has resulted in their current symptoms. Therapists work with teens to also go beyond just this one source of stress, and to process any and all different sources of stress in their lives, which may have gone unaddressed or avoided until this time. Beyond this, we also work with teens to help them address specific struggles they may be facing, including academic issues, relational struggles, or even aspects of physical fitness and nutrition. Every day while in treatment, teens receive daily individual therapy session, in addition to numerous other therapeutic groups and sessions, which have been designed to support teens to heal, grow, and progress in their individual needs and goals.