Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Cocaine Abuse Overview:

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant substance that has a high risk of addiction and overdose. Cocaine produces a high characterized by increased energy, talkativeness, and feelings of happiness and/or enjoyment. Some of the other effects cocaine abuse entails include but are not limited to: headaches, stomach aches, nose bleeds, anxiety, irritability, and paranoia. There are a number of reasons Teen Cocaine Abuse has such dangerous consequences, including how it affects teens’ brains, tolerance and addiction, and overdose.

Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment

Cocaine produces its effects by acting directly on the brain. It does so by dumping a large amount of dopamine into the brain, which is a neurotransmitter associated with happiness or reward. By overriding the brain’s independent functioning, repeated use of cocaine can start affect the normal, healthy functioning of teens’ brains, which is especially dangerous since teens’ brains are still developing.

Cocaine is also highly addictive. Part of the reason for this is the cocaine high only lasts a relatively short amount of time, which often causes teens to take it multiple times, in succession, in order to get a more intense and prolonged high. This makes teens very susceptible to addiction, as their bodies and brains will build up a tolerance to the drug and therefore, will require more of the substance in order to experience the same effects. This also puts teens at serious risk for overdose.

Teen Cocaine Abuse also causes serious negative effects in multiple areas of teens’ lives, including their relationships and their ability to function healthily with their responsibilities. It’s very common for teens struggling with Teen Cocaine Abuse to fall behind academically, to withdraw from activities, and to experience tension in relationships with family members and loved ones.


Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment:

It’s important that Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment occurs as soon as possible, in order to minimize the severity of the teens’ use, and to ensure their physical and mental safety. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide holistic residential Teen Cocaine Treatment, which is designed in order to address both the drug use itself as well as its numerous effects. As with all of our teen treatment plans, we design each one individually, according to each teen’s unique symptoms, needs, goals, struggles, and interests.

In our Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment at Paradigm Treatment Centers, our first step is to ensure teens stop using cocaine and we support them throughout any potential withdrawal symptoms. Then, throughout the Teen Cocaine Abuse Treatment process, we work with teens to address all aspects of their addiction and/or behavior, including things such as what kinds of environments, stressors, and/or underlying emotional struggles may be contributing to and/or aggravating their cocaine use. In teens’ individual daily therapy sessions, our therapists work with teens to help them explore these deeper aspects of their drug use, including what sorts of thought patterns, false belief systems, relational issues, and/or difficult feelings teens might be struggling with. At paradigm Treatment Centers, we believe this deeper introspective work is essential to supporting teens to achieve lasting sobriety. And to supplement this individual therapy work, teens also partake in numerous group sessions and activities, which serve to help teens explore these issues in different ways, as well as providing support in all areas of their lives, including academics, physical health, relational health, and more. Though our Teen Cocaine Abuse treatment process, teens are not able to achieve sobriety but also to leave here equipped and confident to live healthier, happier ways.