Teen Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Teen Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

The statistics show that if a young person is struggling with a mental health condition, such as Teen Anxiety or Teen Depression, she or he is extremely likely to also be struggling with substance abuse. This cause-and-effect relationship is also true in reverse. More than 60% of teens who have a mental illness also have a Substance Abuse Disorder and the presence of multiple conditions is referred to as Co-Occurring Disorders. This makes teen co-occurring disorder treatment even more crucial for your teen to recover.

In instances of Teen Co-Occurring Disorders, it’s extremely important for teens to be accurately diagnosed and for treatment to address the correct issue. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for many teen treatment facilities to simply diagnose and treat according to symptoms, which is ineffective because so many symptoms can overlap, not just between multiple mental illnesses but also cases of substance abuse. If treatment providers aren’t looking for Co-Occurring Disorders but only the presence of symptoms and providing treatment in this very generic, broad manner, then teens are sadly very vulnerable to relapse and continuing struggles, while gaining only mild, temporary relief, if any at all.

In some cases, teens might begin experiencing symptoms related to a mental illness and turn to a substance in order to gain relief. For instance, a teen might be experiencing the onset of a Teen Anxiety Disorder and start using a marijuana in order to try to cope with the stress. Unfortunately, while the drug may provide some limited relief in the short-term, it will often aggravate and perpetuate the anxiety in the longer term, creating a situation where teens are now suffering from the negative effects not only of anxiety but also of substance abuse. A similar process can happen in the reverse, when teens begin experimenting with a substance and it triggers the onset of a mental illness.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment:

Regardless of how the Co-Occurring Disorders come to exist, they can be difficult to diagnose, because so many symptoms are common among multiple conditions. This is why at Paradigm Treatment Centers, we have an extremely thorough diagnostic interview process that’s been specially designed to recognize and diagnose Co-Occurring Disorders. Our exhaustive, careful approach ensures that nothing gets missed and that teens don’t receive incorrect or insufficient treatment for the challenges they’re really facing.

Within our Teen Co-Occurring Disorder treatment plans, our psychiatrist and therapists carefully design a combination of approaches and modalities that best suit the different needs and symptoms that are present. And furthermore, as with all treatment plans here at Paradigm Treatment Centers, our therapists focus on supporting teens to address the deeper emotional underpinnings of their struggles, rather than just outward behaviors.