Teen Club Drug Abuse Treatment

Teen Club Drug Abuse Treatment

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Club Drug Abuse Overview:

Club Drugs refer to a group of drugs that teens most often use in settings such as parties, concerts, and clubs, and which have psychoactive properties. These settings in which teens often take Club Drugs provide inherent risks, as the drugs are very often combined with other substances, such as other drugs or alcohol. This makes teens extremely vulnerable to negative effects. Some of the most common Club Drugs abused among teens include Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine.

One of the biggest risks of all Club Drugs is that they’re man made substance and such, teens don’t really know what ingredients are in the drugs, such as chemicals or other contaminants. Therefore, teens might be taking a club drug in order to achieve a desired high but may experience severe negative symptoms instead, due to these unknown ingredients.

Rohypnol is a depressant drug, similar in makeup to drugs such as Xanax or Valium, but isn’t approved for use in the U.S. It’s an extremely potent substance, so much so that it can produce amnesia while teens are on it. Rohypnol can be lethal when mixed with alcohol or other depressants. GHB is a depressant that acts on the central nervous system and is prescribed only for extreme cases of narcolepsy. GHB works by acting on two different areas of teens’ brains and is so strong that it can result in coma or death. Because GHB is odorless and difficult to detect, it is also associated with poisonings, date rapes, and deaths. Ketamine is an extremely strong anesthetic drug, used in veterinary practice. Teens abuse Ketamine in order to experience a high which includes severe distortion of the senses. The negative effects of Ketamine can include hallucinations, impaired motor function, and fatal respiratory problems.


Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Club Drug Abuse Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we’re dedicated to providing treatment that not only leads teens to achieve lasting sobriety, but to help them address the full range of their current struggles, so they can become empowered to live their best lives. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, all of our Teen Club Drug Abuse Treatment programs are designed to address and support teens’ health and well-being on every level. Therapists work with teens to address and process all aspects of their drug use, especially including the underlying emotional aspects, which may be aggravating and/or triggering their drug use. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we believe this kind of introspective work is essential to meaningful recovery, as it allows teens to heal and grow on the deeper levels possible. Unfortunately, many treatment programs overlook this more intensive work and just focus on behaviors and habits, which leaves teens extremely vulnerable to relapse, following treatment.

Our Teen Club Drug Abuse Treatment programs also aim to provide teens with the direct support they need in specific struggles in their lives. To this end, we offer programs such as Academic Support Services, Sibling Support Services, a Young Athletes Program, Nutritional Guidance, and more. We also provide teens with numerous classes and sessions which teach them valuable new skills and ways to reduce stress and improve their quality of life. These programs include things such as Teen Yoga Therapy, Teen Recreational Therapy, and Teen Meditation Therapy.