Teen Bullying Treatment

Teen Bullying TreatmentYouth today face a variety of very intense, real stressors, ranging from the physiological and relational to the social and academic. For many teens, bullying is a chronic source of stress in their lives, which affects numerous different aspects of their experience and may lead to the need for teen bullying treatment.

What is Bullying?

The basic definition of bullying is any unwanted or aggressive behavior that involves a power imbalance of some kind, be it real or imagined. Most often, these aggressive behaviors persist over time, causing increasing stress as a result. For a number of reasons, the middle school and high school environment tend to be ripe for teen bullying, especially because of the hierarchy of grades, the unsupervised environments, and the social schema.

Additionally, social media and other internet sources have also become environments where teens can be easily targeted with bullying. Teen bullying treatment is here to stop these stressors and help their struggles.

It’s important to recognize that when we speak about bullying and the effects, it really can vary greatly, according to the individual teen and situation. In fact sometimes teens don’t immediately recognize when they’re being bullied; they instead just feel the negative effects of the behavior and the anxiety and/or stress which it causes. Some of the most common traits that tend to be exhibited within bullying include, but are not limited to: teasing, physical threats, verbal threats, physical intimidation, spreading harmful rumors, name calling, excluding someone from a group and/or ganging up on someone, stealing or damaging property, lewd sexual gestures or comments, and/or shaming a person.

It’s not uncommon for teens that are being bullied to experience symptoms or struggles related to a mental illness, especially such as teen anxiety and depression, and/or eating disorders. The stress caused by bullying can be considerable, and can exacerbate or trigger unhealthy beliefs in teens, as well as causing damage to teens’ overall sense of self and their healthy development of identity.

Teen Bullying Treatment at Our Paradigm Treatment Centers

At our Paradigm Treatment Centers, we understand that often when young people are struggling, it’s a result of a combination of complex factors, including their social interactions and relational dynamics. In instances of bullying, it’s not uncommon for teens to downplay the harm and pain they’re experiencing and/or not want to take any action against it, for fear of the punishment they will receive. The problem is very often, the longer the bullying goes on, the more severe it will become and the more harmful the effects will be. Therefore, in order to properly and adequately diagnose and address the effects of bullying, we have a thorough diagnostic process that addresses this specifically.

In providing teen bullying treatment, we work with teens to help them uncover and examine the different ways which the negative behaviors have affected them. We pay special attention to helping teens identify potential triggers, stressors, and/or false belief systems that have developed and/or been aggravated, as a result of the bullying. At the same time, we also help to incorporate healthy practices which will strengthen teens’ sense of self, and work with teens to rebuild healthy, accurate pictures of themselves and their lives. The goal of our teen treatment plans here at Paradigm Treatment Centers is to help teens feel supported in all areas of their lives, so they can experience real authentic growth, on all levels.