Teen Bulimia Nervosa Treatment

Teen Bulimia Nervosa Treatment

Teen Bulimia is a form of mental illness categorized as an eating disorder, in which teens have distorted views of their bodies and are obsessed with losing weight and/or controlling their weight. These feelings and beliefs are so strong that teens go to extreme lengths to lose weight, including most notably, eating and then purging their food. Teens with Bulimia also suffer from extremely low sense of self, anxiety, and negative belief systems regarding both themselves and how they interact with others.

Teens with Bulimia are overwhelmed with a need to control their weight, and experience strong feelings of anxiety regarding this need. In many instances of Teen Bulimia, teens get caught inside unhealthy cycles of binge-eating more food than necessary (often junk food), then purging the food, and then experiencing shame regarding their behaviors. It’s also common for teens with eating disorders to struggle with Teen Anxiety or Teen Depression, which they are attempting to self-medicate with food. Therefore, the shame teens suffer from their eating behaviors further exacerbate their struggles with anxiety and depression..

This shame associated with Teen Bulimia is one of the most harmful symptoms of the illness, as it continues to eat away at teens’ sense of self and their identity. This leads to other symptoms and disruptions in their lives, such as tension in relationships, academic struggles, withdrawing from activities and foregoing responsibilities, and more. It’s common for teens to lose confidence see themselves as never good enough. In addition to this shame, some of the other symptoms associated with Teen Bulimia includes; sore throat, tooth decay, digestion problems, ulcers, acid reflux disorder, dehydration, and more.

Paradigm Treatment Centers:

One of the reasons why Teen Bulimia can be difficult to recognize and/or treat is very often teens will carry out these harmful behaviors in secret. Teens may understand that what they’re doing is unhealthy and yet be unable to stop themselves, and therefore, they often want to avoid the attempts of others to correct and/or help them. This causes teens to withdraw and hide their behaviors and unhealthy beliefs from others, and become defensive toward people’s questions or concern regarding their eating habits.

For this reason, one of the first steps of our Teen Bulimia Nervosa Treatment programs at Paradigm Treatment Centers is to create a safe, supportive environment in which teens feel free to be honest and open with therapists about what they’re experiencing. While creating this positive therapeutic environment, our treatment team supports teens to end the cycles of binging and purging, and to begin practicing healthy eating habits, in order to heal teens’ relationship with food, as well as their bodies. Throughout the entirety of this process, our therapists work with teens to help them process these changes as well as the underlying sources of stress, emotional pain, and challenges which underlie teens’ current harmful eating behaviors. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we strongly believe that supporting teens to do this deeper introspective work is essential in ensuring they heal deeply and thoroughly from their eating disorders, and can sustain the changes they make while here at Paradigm.

Throughout Teen Bulimia Nervosa Treatment, teens receive daily individual therapy sessions, as well as numerous other supplemental services, therapeutic activities, and group therapy sessions. We incorporate positive activities and practices meant to teach teens self-care and healthy stress reduction techniques, and we also provide assistance in problem areas of teens’ lives, such as with school work or family dynamics. In this sense, our Teen Bulimia Nervosa Treatment plans extend far beyond just eating behaviors and are designed to support the healing and well-being of the whole person.