Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder Treatment

From our extensive time working with young people and families, we understand that that symptoms of mental illness can arise or develop in all different ways. Often, teens express that they weren’t immediately aware that what they were experiencing was an illness; they just didn’t feel good and gradually, continued to feel worse. In other instances, sometimes teens begin experiencing symptoms suddenly and with no warning, such as in instances of Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder. Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder is characterized both by the sudden presence of symptoms as well as the short amount of time the conditions lasts, usually only about a month.


Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder Treatment



Because of the abrupt and often intense nature of Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder, it can be scary and intimidating to understand what’s happening. Moreover, it can also be sometimes difficult to diagnose, especially when present as a Co-Occurring Disorder. Some of the symptoms that can present include things such as: sudden memory loss, paranoia, anxiety, sudden reckless behavior, hallucinations, strange speech, strange body movements, delusions, and insomnia. There are also three subtypes of Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder, characterized by the nature of the onset of illness. These subtypes include: With Marked Stressors, in which symptoms occur following a traumatic event or series of stressful events; Without Marked Stressors, in which symptoms arise following no known incident; and Postpartum Onset, in which women experience symptoms following giving birth.

While specific symptoms only last a short time, one of the reason it’s so important for teens to get Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder Treatment as early as possible, is because it’s very common for the condition to exist as a Co-Occurring Disorder, along with conditions such as Teen Mood Disorders and Teen Substance Abuse. Because symptoms tend to grow more severe over time, we always encourage young people to seek professional help as early as possible, in order to limit the progression of symptoms they’re dealing with.

Paradigm Treatment Centers:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder Treatment, as part of our teen treatment for mental health, substance abuse, and Co-Occurring conditions. At Paradigm, all Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder Treatment plans are designed individually, based upon a thorough assessment of teens’ full range of needs, including those corresponding to their mental, emotional, physical, academic, and relational health. This ensures our ability to meet teens’ needs as effectively and accurately as possible, and sets them up for success, in all aspects of their treatment process. Our treatment team members coordinate to design a treatment plan that serves to help teens spend meaningful time doing introspective work, which allows them to know themselves better, as people. We believe this is central to empowering young people to recognize and make positive changes in their lives.