Teen Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we offer holistic residential teen treatment for a wide array of substance abuse and mental health conditions, including Teen Borderline Personality Disorder. In order to provide the most thorough and precise treatment possible, we design each Teen Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment plan individually, according to the teen’s unique symptoms, experiences, strengths, and goals. Whereas many treatment providers simply tailor treatment efforts to minimize symptoms, we approach all of our teen treatment plans by addressing the full scope of teens’ core needs, including their mental, physical, emotional, and relational well-being.

Teen Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

Teen Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness categorized a personality disorder, characterized by teens having extremely low feelings of self-worth and a negative, even distorted view of themselves, which leads to severe difficulty in developing and maintaining relationships with others. It’s common for teens with Teen Borderline Personality Disorder to behave inappropriately or offensively toward others, as well as sometimes manipulating others, in order to feel a sense of power or belonging. It’s also common for teens with Teen Borderline Personality Disorder to create dynamics of co-dependency in relationships, as well as dramatic ups and downs that result because of the teens’ moody and unpredictable behavior.   While these unhealthy behaviors stem from the teens’ underlying sense of insecurity, they often actually appear as confident and strong, which is likely an unconscious overcompensation by the teens.

One of the reasons why Teen Borderline Personality Disorder can be so disruptive in teens’ lives is because the behaviors are compulsive. Therefore, even in instances where teens’ behaviors are causing harm to a relationship and when the teens sincerely want to change, they are often unable to do so. Some of the common symptoms of Teen Borderline Personality Disorder that arise from this severely low feelings of self-worth include, but aren’t limited to: reckless behaviors, substance abuse, intense mood swings, unpredictable behavior, extreme fear of being alone, anxiety, depression, inability to change behavior, and suicidal thoughts.

There are also several subsets of Teen Borderline Personality Disorder, as categorized by corresponding symptoms. These subtypes include: The Impulsive Borderline, The Discouraged Borderline, The Self-Destructive Borderline, and The Petulant Borderline. The Impulsive Borderline is characterized by an extreme need for attention that often causes risk-taking, and dangerous behaviors, such as sexual behaviors and substance abuse. The Discouraged Borderline is characterized by a more serious, grave demeanor along with outbursts of anger and harmful behaviors. The Self-Destructive Borderline is characterized by teens’ expressing their low self-esteem by engaging in behaviors of self-harm, such as eating disorders, substance abuse, self-mutilation, and/or other punishing behaviors. The Petulant Borderline is characterized by extreme fear of being unloved, which leads to moodiness and anger outbursts, fear of disappointing others, and difficulty in relationships.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, our Teen Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment programs are designed to address both the emotional and behavioral aspects of the condition. Teens participate in individual therapy sessions every day while in treatment, which provide a consistent time for therapists to help teens evaluate and explore the nature of the underlying feelings of low self-worth, fear of being alone, and other negative or false belief systems. Because these deeper, often unconscious feelings are the root of the problematic behaviors, it’s imperative to support teens to process their experience at this deeper, introspective level. Over time, our therapists help teens to recognize certain thought patterns and behaviors, as well as belief systems that are continuing to interfere with their relationships as well as their overall quality of life.

At the same time, we work with teens in individual and group therapy sessions to help them explore new, healthy ways to deal with stressors when they arise, helpful ways of communicating, practices to improve relational dynamics, and more. In our supplemental support programs, we also help to provide specific support in stressful aspects of teens’ lives, such as academic support, family therapy, and sibling support services. Through the combined, holistic efforts of our Teen Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment program, we’re able to empower teens to navigate their tendencies and develop healthier behaviors, in order to experienced improved health and happiness, in all areas of their lives.