Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder Treatment

Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a type of mental illness in which teens strongly believe that they have some sort of physical deformity or ugly appearance, which does not exist in reality. This obsession with this imagined deformity leads to extremely low feelings of self-worth and shame to the degree that it causes disruptions in multiple areas of teens’ lives. Some examples of deformities teens may believe they have include things such as scars, extremely large or distorted features, or marks on the body. One of the challenges of Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder is even when people assure teens that these appearances are not real or don’t exist, teens will nonetheless continue to believe that they are so ugly or extreme to look at that people can’t stand to be around them. These low feelings of self-hate and shame obviously cause extreme tension both in teens’ lives as well as their relationships.

teen body dysmorphic disorder treatment

Beyond the defining characteristic of this imagined deformity, teens struggling with Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder also commonly experience some the following symptoms: repetitive attempts to hide and/or distract from a particular part of the body; shame, low self-esteem, and consistent embarrassment; fear that others are staring at their deformity; fear of others judging their deformity; excessive attempts to over-compensate for believed deformity, such as grooming and/or strict dieting; withdrawal from others; avoidance of social situations; and persistent feelings of anxiety and sometimes, depression.

When not treated, teens with Body Dysmorphic Disorder may experience negative effects in multiple areas of their lives. For instance, it’s common for teens to suddenly struggle academically, to spend increasing amounts of time alone, to withdraw from friends and/or experience tension in relationships, moodiness and/or agitation, and defensiveness toward others. Over time, these extreme negative view of self can disrupt teens’ healthy development of identity, and prohibit them from developing an understanding of who they are and how they interface with the world. This can lead to tensions and struggles related to teens’ responsibilities as well as their ability to cope with stress and their perspectives on their lives. Because these symptoms often grow more severe with time, we strongly recommend teens receiving Teen Body Dysmorphic Treatment as early as possible, in order to minimize the progression of symptoms.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder Treatment:

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we specialize in providing holistic residential Teen Eating Disorder Treatment for all teen eating disorders, including Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder Treatment. We approach and design treatment from a holistic perspective, aiming not just to help teens heal and overcome the behaviors of the eating disorder, but to recover and grow as people, in all areas of their mental, physical, emotional, relational, and academic health. With this in mind, each Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder Treatment plan begins with a thorough diagnostic interview, which assesses the full range of teens’ current overall health and well-being. We then design a treatment plan which uniquely and precisely addresses these needs.

Some of the central aspects of our Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder Treatment here at Paradigm Treatment Centers is in the individual therapy sessions, which teens receive every day, while in treatment. In these sessions, therapists help teens to explore and process the deeper underlying (and often unconscious) stressors, belief systems, and thought patterns which are causing these imagined deformities, as well as the low feelings of self-worth and severe anxiety. This is extremely important in order to help teens to gain freedom from these behaviors and recover on the deepest level possible.

We also provide a number of group therapy and supplemental support services that aim to support and help teens recover in specific areas of their lives, as well as to incorporate new healthy practices and habits. To this end, at Paradigm Treatment Centers, we offer one of the largest selection of therapies of any treatment center, ranging from things such as Teen Equine Therapy and Teen Narrative Therapy to Teen Surf therapy, Teen Drama Therapy, Teen Somatic Therapy, Teen Massage Therapy, and more. By providing opportunities for teens to heal and grow in all areas of their lives, we are able to support teens to not only engage in valuable daily therapeutic work, but to develop and heal as people.