Teen Binge Eating Disorder Treatment


At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide residential teen treatment for all Teen Eating disorders, including Teen Binge Eating Disorder Treatment. Our approach to Teen Eating Disorder Treatment is a holistic one, taking into consideration not only the harmful eating behaviors, but also the underlying sources of stress and emotional struggles which are connected to these behaviors. Teen Binge Eating Disorder is an eating disorder in which teens using food as a way to try to self-medicate the negative emotions they’re experiencing. Teens with this condition don’t eat in accordance with hunger or need for food, but overeat regularly, in order to provide themselves with temporary enjoyment and/or avoidance of underlying thoughts and feelings.


Teen Binge Eating Disorder Treatment


In instances of Teen Binge Eating Disorder, teens experience negative emotional and physical effects as a result of these behaviors. Teens overeat in order to feel better, but after the short-lived relief the food provides, often experience deep feelings of embarrassment, shame, and feelings of low self-worth. These low feelings of self-worth are common among Teen Eating Disorders and part of the reason why eating behaviors are often carried out in secret, and teens will lie about their eating and even withdraw from others, in order to carry out the harmful eating. These low feelings of embarrassment and shame only aggravate the stress or conflict which teens are already experiencing, and which are consistently pushed back under the surface and avoided, as teens over-eat again, and perpetuate this harmful cycle.

The combination of these behaviors combined with the unaddressed emotional stress can disrupt teens’ lives in numerous ways. First of all, there are direct negative health risks which unhealthy overeating can cause, including things such as: decreased energy and fatigue, insomnia, joint stiffness, heart disease, high blood pressure, disrupted immune function, disrupted endocrine function, kidney illness, stroke, and heart attack. Beyond this, it’s common for teens to experience sudden difficulty in school, tension in relationships, overall lack of energy and/or apathy, and lack of enjoyment in life. Because of this vast array off effects, our Teen Binge Eating Disorder Treatment addresses the full range of teen’s unique needs.


Paradigm Treatment Centers:

Our treatment for Teen Binge Eating Disorder involves both behavioral and talk therapy approaches, in order to thoroughly address all aspects of the teens’ current experience. In talk therapy sessions, we combine a number of approaches in order to first ensure teens’ current physical and emotional safety, throughout the treatment process. Our therapists then work with teens to do the deeper introspective therapeutic work necessary for teens to identify the connections between their thoughts, feelings, and current behaviors and beliefs, associated with food. By supporting teens to recognize the reasons behind their eating behaviors and what those deeper core needs are, they will be able to not only make changes to their outward behaviors, but to begin addressing and processing those deeper needs, as well. This thorough, holistic approach is we believe fundamentally responsible to empowering teens to feel motivated to make authentic and sustainable changes in their lives.

Another central aspect of our Teen Binge Eating Disorder Treatment plans is to support teens to heal and rebuild their sense of self and identity, including how they interface with themselves and others. We do so by building on existing strengths and interests, incorporating new healthy activities and practices (such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition), and also providing specific support to key needs in teen’s lives (such as our Academic Support Services program.) The result is throughout their time here, teens are able to rebuild their relationship with food, restructure belief systems, and grow and develop as people, in all areas of their lives.