Teen Biblio Therapy

Teen Biblio TherapyTeen Expressive Arts Therapies are a therapeutic modality which use the innate emotional power of art in the therapeutic context. These treatment approaches are extremely valuable and enjoyable to teens, and provide a low-stress, creative, and fun environment in which meaningful therapeutic reflection, expression, and discovery can take place. Our Teen Biblio Therapy program is based upon the premise of using reading and the powerful relationship between the reader and stories, in order to facilitate therapeutic sessions designed to support teens’ growth, healthy adjustment, and self-assessment.

Teen Biblio Therapy capitalizies upon the ancient power of stories as an avenue to help teens recognize and reflect upon their own thoughts and emotions. Through experiences with specific texts and characters, teens are able to evaluate and reflect upon the experiences and behaviors of those characters, and in so doing, to also reflect upon themselves. Led by our credentialed, highly skilled therapists, teens often make profound insights into themselves, which are extremely valuable in the context of their greater treatment work.

One of the reasons why Teen Biblio Therapy is so effective is the self-reflection that takes place is often more organic because of the natural distance of teens first studying characters in stories. The therapists select texts that hold specific value and opportunities to address teens’ current experiences, and in this sense, provide teens with a safe therapeutic environment in which they can explore freely. This environment provides teens with a sense of security and confidence as they process their own work, especially at the beginning of the treatment process, when talk therapy sessions may feel too intimidating and even exposing. Moreover, in instances where teens might feel hopeless or apathetic toward treatment, Teen Biblio Therapy sessions can help to open teens up to therapy work and provide a more accessible entrance into their own therapeutic work.

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, all of our teen treatment plans are designed individually, and as such, our Teen Biblio Therapy sessions are implemented on a case-by-case basis. Some of the benefits of Teen Biblio Therapy include but aren’t limited to things such as: encouraging self-compassion, reducing feelings of anxiety, reducing feelings of stress, improving teens’ confidence, increasing teens ability to accept themselves, helping teens to evaluate habits and thought patterns, and improving teens’ ability to relate with others. As with all of our Teen Expressive Arts Therapy programs, our Teen Biblio Therapy sessions are always coordinated with teens’ larger treatment plans, and the therapists coordinate care with teens’ lead therapists. By implementing care in this way, the goal is that teens will have a holistic, precise, powerful treatment process that allows them to grow and heal in all areas of their lives, while at Paradigm.