Teen Behavioral Addictions Treatment

Teen Behavioral Addictions Treatment

It’s possible for young people to become addicted to behaviors, just as they become addicted to substances. Teen Behavioral Addictions are defined by certain habits becoming compulsive, so that they’re unable to control if or when they perform the behavior, even when they’re aware of the possible negative effects and/or even if they sincerely want to stop. This can become increasingly problematic, as Teen Behavioral Addictions can cause harm in multiple areas of teens’ lives. At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide residential treatment for Teen Substance Addictions as well as Teen Behavioral Addictions Treatment.

Some of the most common Teen Behavioral Addictions include things such as pornography, gambling, gaming, and internet activities. It’s also very common for them to be present as Co-Occurring Disorders with a condition such as Teen Depression, Teen Anxiety, or Teen Bipolar Disorder. While many teens spend considerable amounts of time engaged in certain behaviors, Teen Behavioral Addictions are characterized by the frequency and severity to which these habits take over teens’ lives, as well as the negative effects they cause. In this regard, it’s very common for teens to develop Teen Behavioral Addictions because the behavior initially provides some enjoyment or satisfaction. However, over time and as the addiction forms, teens experience diminishing enjoyment, as the negative effects actually increase. Even in cases where teens might be aware of these negative effects, they will continue to be compulsively perform the behaviors, similarly to cases of substance addiction.

It’s worth noting that the harm of Teen Behavioral Addictions are usually not the behaviors themselves, but the negative effects which the behaviors cause. For instance, it’s common for Teen Behavioral Addictions to lead to things such as teens withdrawing from peers and isolating themselves; experiencing tension in relationships; displaying agitation; experiencing academic problems; and teens displaying apathy and/or irresponsibility toward other commitments.

In cases where teens might also be struggling with a mood disorder or mental health condition, teens might retreat into these behaviors (for instance, such as gaming) in order to gain relief and escape their emotions in the real world. While the behavior may provide relief in the short-term, it will actually lead to aggravated symptoms over time, causing an unfortunate cause-and-effect cycle where the teen becomes stuck in the difficult feelings as well as the negative, triggering behaviors. In these cases, it’s extremely important that teens receive treatment not just for the addictive behavior, but for the mental health symptoms which are present, in order to ensure teens get the real help they need.

Paradigm Treatment Centers Teen Behavioral Addictions Treatment

At Paradigm Treatment Centers, we provide holistic residential Teen Behavioral Addictions Treatment. Our approach in providing Teen Behavioral Addictions Treatment is to be extremely individualized, precise, and thorough. Each Paradigm Treatment Center treatment plan is designed based off of a combination of thorough assessments, which determine a full scope of teens’ current needs, including behaviors as well as mental and emotional struggles, potential Co-Occurring Disorders, family dynamics, social issues, academic health, physical factors, and more. Teens receive individual therapy sessions every day, as well as numerous other therapeutic groups and programs. The goal of our Teen Behavioral Addictions Treatment program is teens will not only overcome their compulsive behaviors, but grow, develop, and heal in all areas of their lives.